PayPal NZ: Statistics of Usage

PayPal has grown to become the largest and most trusted third-party payment provider to freelancers, businesses, shoppers, and individuals. There are thousands of retailers currently using PayPal to cater to millions of consumers who also use the same platform around the world.

Consumers are now becoming smarter and tech-savvy these days, as they do more of their retail shopping from home. Although PayPal is not the only payment provider available online, it is commonly assumed to be the most accessible method.

Statistics of PayPal Usage in New Zealand

This year, an estimated 41 percent of all online sell and purchases in New Zealand was carried out via credit card payment, coupled with PayPal, which also accounted for about 30 percent of all payment methods online. Debit cards amounted to 17% of online transactions, while cash transfers amounted to only 6%.

Paypal can be used to make payments in almost all e-commerce stores, including ebay, Singapore Airlines, Spotify, Under Armor, gambling sites that take PayPal like and many others. Regardless of where you are in the world, you can make payments with PayPal as many businesses allow PayPal transactions.

PayPal Features

Paypal may have become trusted and well recognized, but it comes with its pros and cons. Below are a few of them:


Easy to Use: PayPal is a very user-friendly payment method and is easy to use. There is no need to hire an expert when you want to set up a PayPal account as you can get it done in a matter of seconds. Setting up a PayPal account will cost you nothing and will not require more than a valid e-mail account.

Records Transactions: You can review all of your transactions with ease by browsing through your Paypal transaction page.

It is also less stressful to Create and monitor invoices for your business when you use PayPal. For small businesses that use PayPal, there’s no need to spend money on a bookkeeper to go over the online financial transactions since they can simply copy and paste the financial data needed directly from their PayPal’s interface.

Safely Encrypted: PayPal also features an encryption feature that offers optimum protection to your customers and your data to the greatest possible standard of security.

Sending Money to Friends and Family is Free: PayPal charges fees. Compared to Skrill, those fees do not apply when you send money to families and friends.

Rebates and Discounts for Loyal Customers: There are special discounts given to loyal customers who engage in online shopping via PayPal.


Charges When Receiving Money: While it is free to use PayPal for personal transactions, the payment platform will charge for business use. What this means is that if you’re making money while using PayPal, then PayPal will have to make money as well. When you set up a business account with PayPal, the company charges 2.9% (as well as $0.30) whenever you receive money for goods or services.

PayPal Freezes Accounts: PayPal is known to freeze accounts without prior warning, which can be disastrous for any business.

PayPal has set up an algorithm that can sometimes spot suspicious behaviors in a user’s account. When that happens, a PayPal account can automatically be frozen, along with the money in the account.

That would automatically mean that transferring money to a bank account or sending money to another account is put on hold if PayPal chooses to freeze your account. This can not only affect your business’s reliability, but it can also cause you to end up losing lots of money.

Additional Bank Fees: Some banks may require a transaction fee if you choose to transfer funds from your PayPal account to any bank account.

This may vary from bank to bank, but it is usually fixed no matter how much money you get from PayPal.

PayPal is a Desirable Target for Phishing and Scams: PayPal has become one of the common targets of scams and phishing.

It is not uncommon to get fake emails or fake online messages from people pretending that they’re affiliates of the payment platform. These scammers will proceed to ask you for your PayPal information. But there’s nothing to worry about; these scams are mostly pretty obvious. You only have to be more vigilant and extra cautious not to be a victim of such schemes.

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