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Booths by Lux are worth renting for any kind of event. Let’s discuss why you should rent a photo booth from Lux, when you rent one and how much you can expect to pay. Afterwards, you can decide whether or not to rent a photo booth for your next gathering.

Why Rent Booths By Lux

Fun is the main reason to rent a photo booth from Lux. Lux’s photo booths offers a tremendous amount of fun, regardless of the occasion. You and your guests will enjoy having your photos taken inside a booth, and then you’ll be able to save those photos, print them out or upload them to social media right on the spot.

The selection of booths available to rent from Booths By Lux is impressive, as Lux offers three different types of photo booths. This includes the classic booth, the 360 booth and the magic mirrors photo booth. Each one has their own unique features, but you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Let’s not forget to mention that setting everything up is taken care of. You don’t have to do a thing. Once you choose which booth you want to rent, Lux will send out a professional to install the booth and to remove it at the end of the event.

When To Rent A Booth

Weddings are ideal events for a photo booth. The bride and groom will love taking photos with each other, as well as their loved ones who are attending. Let’s not forget to mention that the bride and groom can add a guestbook.

Corporate gatherings are great for booths too because it lets businesses showcase their brand. Such corporate events that are perfect for photo booths include an annual company gathering, corporate lunches/dinners, as well as award ceremonies to name a few.

Birthdays for people of all ages can include a photo booth or two. With a photo booth on-site, the personal celebrating their birthday can snap quality photos of them and their friends. Birthdays are all about creating memories, and a photo booth from Lux can play a role in creating many memories at a birthday party.

The truth is any kind of event is the perfect occasion to rent a photo booth. Everyone enjoys taking pictures of themselves or with others. Having a photo booth on-site will add a unique aspect to any event, regardless of how many guests will be there.


How much you’ll pay for a photo booth depends on several factors, such as how long you want the booth for. Another factor is the type of booth you want to rent, as well as how many booths you’d like to rent. Don’t worry though because all three photo booths are affordable and you can request a free quote from Lux. Getting a quote on a photo booth is free, fast and easy.

When the time comes to rent a photo booth, make sure to get it from Lux. The company is known for their quality booths, as well as exceptional service. The prices are fair, too. Go ahead and contact Lux today to request a free quote on a photo booth.

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