Plan a Fabulous Weekend Holiday Trip to Virginia Beach with Family


Virginia Beach is best suited for the family, has dozens of entertainment options, and is convenient to reach from any part of the largest city of Eastern Seaboard. The beach of Virginia allows you to have fun on your wonderful beach holiday. It is a beautiful beach, and you will not have to travel to the Caribbean or Florida for your enjoyment.

Virginia Beach is that place to be in if you wish to relax by taking a sunbath. Sun loungers are available for rent to enjoy the sunshine. It does not take time to become bronze while enjoying the sun.

If sleeping is not your preference on the beach, there are multiple attractions in Virginia Beach. It ranges from an amusement park where your family will enjoy the most to kayaking in Broad Bay. You can also enjoy your trip by watching the whales or in clubs like Peabody, where you can tap your feet and have a fun-filled night.

Lynnhaven Mall is known for high-end brand shopping. The best restaurant to dine in for seafood is Tautogs, and Catch 31 is where you can enjoy some beer at night with your pals. There is everything available that you wish for a fun-filled trip to Virginia Beach.

The weather is hot and humid subtropical in Virginia Beach, especially in the summers. It receives light snowfall and is cold in winters. The weather radar for Virginia Beach averages around 59.6 degrees Fahrenheit that is 15.3 degrees centigrade. The snowfall annually in Virginia Beach is 5.8 inches on average.

Things to Do in Virginia Beach

1. The Boardwalk of Virginia Beach: Make Your Soul Relinquish

The Virginia Beach Boardwalk is a three miles long stretch parallel to the seafront. The boardwalk is the pulse of Croatan Beach. You will relish the outdoor activities on the golden, soft sand such as skateboarding, running, and biking. Grab some of the enticing delicacies and unique shopping opportunities on the backside of the boardwalk.

The set-up is similar to a park extended across miles, and you get to cherish the ambiance of the beach. You can also enjoy summer concerts, live musical arts, and exhibitions of nautical sculpture, such as the well-known bronze figure of King Neptune and many more.

2. Sandbridge Beach: The Ideal Hideaway

The location of Sandbridge Beach is fifteen miles from the Virginia Resort Area toward the south. It is a secluded beach and provides you with the privacy that you wish. The beach coastline extends up to five miles and features untainted dunes and swaying sea oats. The Cypress Birding Trail on the seashore gives you the chance to see some of the staggering birds.

The breeze of the seashore is mesmerizing while you take a walk on the beach. Or else you can plan for a romantic picnic on the breathtaking beach and enjoy the scenic beauty. The area of the land where the houses stand at a distance from the beach is just great. It gives you an overall feel of the rural establishment.

3. Marine Science Centre and Virginia Aquarium: Sea Creatures Home

The Marine Science Centre and Virginia Aquarium is the home for more than twelve thousand animals representing seven hundred species. The aquarium location is south of Rudee Inlet that gives a 360-degree view through the deck above the deep waters. You will be in a place to view many marine creatures such as sharks, seals, turtles, and many more.

The display is in detail in the colossal complex that gives you an idea about Virginia a thousand years back. The spot offers recreation, education, and plenty of fun, all packed in one.

4. First Landing State Park: History Comes in Line with Nature

First Landing State Park is a gorgeous oasis that lies in the center of Virginia Beach. The name of First Landing State Park was Seashore State Park. It got its name when the English colonists landed here for the first time in 1607. This safe recreation place has 20 miles of biking and hiking trails which is yet to get traversed. Above the Chesapeake Bay, you can also enjoy the incredible view.

Apart from the rich history that it carries, the State Park also has a distinctive habitat featuring lagoons and plants. The First Landing State Park gives you everything for your comfort, including boat ramps and picnic spots.

5. Back Bay Wildlife Refuge

The Back Bay Wildlife is a freshwater refuge spread across eight thousand acres that commenced in 1938. It lies between Back Bay on the western side and the Atlantic Ocean on the eastern side. The distance from the resort area to Back Bay Wildlife Refuge is around 18 miles. It consists of freshwater marshes, vast dunes, ponds, maritime forests, and many other things. The peaceful habitats are the ideal breakout for trekking and also to explore some great scenic beauty.

The Beach Love

Everyone’s life has some stress related to work or the management of the family. To keep yourself healthy and always motivated, you need a good break from your everyday routine. Nothing better than spending your holidays on a Beach. Virginia Beach offers you everything essential to refresh you.

You can plan out many activities in Virginia Beach with your family, friends, or even your romantic partner. It will rejuvenate you from within and bring happiness to your life. The Virginia Beach holiday can become a perfect destination for you to see and admire nature. There is everything for all the age groups to enjoy at Virginia Beach.


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