Practising Indoor Golf In Your Home

If you are looking to plan your night golf tournament, you will need to practice, here are a few tips to help you get the practice you need at home.

Tips For Practicing & Playing Golf

1. Improve golf technique through swing drill optimization – 10 minutes

The main use of swing drills is to improve upon the structure of your swing. Firstly, it is essential that you have good feedback when you are practicing the swing so that you know you are doing it properly. It may help to use a window or even a mirror so that you can look at yourself as you move into the necessary position. This will help you to easily correct yourself.

After you’ve been able to achieve the correct position at least 5 times, one after the other without needing to make adjustments, then you can move on. 

Once the swing can be done well, then the majority of golfers stop working and practicing their swings altogether. The issue with this is that partial practice may lead to problems swinging on the range or the golf course while being able to swing well at home. 

So, it is essential that you practice slow motion swing changes as well as continuous swinging without any pauses. This is actually quite difficult, however, it will certainly assist in ensuring your swing can translate into actually hitting shots. You can also use a mirror in this instance for immediately feedback. 

It is best to practice these swing changes and slowly work up until you’re doing swings at their full speed. 

By doing partial and complete practice, it is a great mix that will help you to improve upon your swing changes when you’re not on the golf course. 

2. Perfecting impact through drills – 5 minutes

The first step to do so would be to take a 6-iron and do a practice swing, however, stop when you make impact with the ball. You should pay attention to the positioning of your club as well as your club shaft and lead arm. Unfortunately, many golfers actually practice impact positions that essentially re-creates their particular bad shot, meaning bad angles between the shaft and lead arm, open or even a closed club face etc. 

We will now look at a particular drill that will hep you improve your impact position so that it is neutral and strong so that it is not only good for practice but actual playing. This drill can be done through placing a towel on top of the club or even by putting the golf head so that it is up against a wall corner. 

Firstly, you will need to start in a set up position and press forward so that you’re moving up on the wall or the towel. Eventually, you’ll see that as you attempt to create more force that your body will naturally move for itself into a tour pro position where you naturally rotate and your hands go forward past the club head along with a square club face. You can use your bag or any other weight to add resistance by placing the weight on the towel and follow through. 

You will need to begin with the set up position and then move into impact. Be sure to squeeze the towel or move against the wall so that the club bends. Be sure to have a look at Andrew’s website for more details and great information. 

You should practice this at least 5 to 10 times, one after the other. 

3. Getting a hang of the basics – 5 minutes

You won’t develop poor swing habits if you are aware of your posture, golf grip and alignment. Once you take the time to master these fundamentals in your home, you’ll definitely become a much better golfer. 

You can use a mirror and then naturally set up. You should have a look at some golfing books and guides and adjust yourself accordingly. Be sure to practice your posture and grip as many times as possible so that it becomes easy and natural.

Equipment Needed

Golf Net: If you want to remain skilled at indoor golf throughout the year, then you’ll need to have a golf net to hit your golf balls into. There are many different types of golf nets that come in a wide range of sizes and even quality. There are numerous options available, so it is important that you secure it properly onto the surface you’re placing it upon. If you fail to do so then it will move every time it is hit by the golf ball. 

Mat: Next, you’ll also need a golf mat to hit off on and you’ll need to purchase the correctly sized mat. It may not be best to buy a small golf mat since you likely won’t be able to stand completely on it and be on the same level as the golf ball, which is very impractical. 

Also, small golf mats also tend to move every time you make a hit. This is not only frustrating but will make you feel less encouraged to practice regularly. 

Mirror (full length): Having a full-length golf mirror is also essential for practising golf indoors. In order to save some money, you have three options – 

– Select an area in your home that has a reflecting surface such as near a glass door

– Create a mirror using some PVC pipes and a bathroom mirror

– Purchase a full-length mirror and put it in an area in your home where there is a minimum space of 15 feet. This will enable you to better plan your setup. 

Chipping Net: It is possible to chip into big golf net, however, you should also consider purchasing a chipping net. This will help you to become more focused and select a particular landing spot. 

It is also possible to create your own chipping net, however, make sure that it is not breakable. 

Surface for putting: You will need a flat surface so that it is easy to roll your putt on it. You can buy and use an artificial surface or if you’re not willing to spend the extra money, then a piece of scrap carpet should be sufficient.