Quick Solutions For A Bad Hair Day


Have you woken up and found that your hair won’t corporate? You try to comb it, but it’s just missing its shine and lacks volume. At some point, we all have been there and know the feeling. Sometimes a bad hair day negatively affects your day’s routine. Luckily, we are here to help out. Bad hair days will no longer ruin your day. Here are quick solutions for a bad hair day.

Apply Dry Shampoo

Something crucial to know is that dry shampoo absorbs all the excess oils. You need to start by lifting your hair and spraying the dry shampoo lightly on the roots of your hair. Then begin brushing out after one to two minutes. The shampoo will be absorbed, and your hair will be fresh, and appear smooth. However, if you do not have the dry shampoo, you can still fix your hair problem by taking a teaspoon of baby powder and massaging it gently on the roots of your hair. The aim is to ensure that the excess oil is absorbed so that your hair might appear fresher. Ensure that you use little dry shampoo or powder to avoid the products being noticeable.

Braid or Curl Your Hair

You can use a curling iron to increase the volume of your hair. However, the heat can cause harm to your hair. The aim is to get past the bad hair day without destroying your hair. Hence, to prevent hair damage ensure you have the right curling iron and use it to transform your lousy hair day positively. Also, a quick braid will help in hiding everything that is probably standing out about your bad hair day. Besides these braids will look so much better in the second and third day and hence you won’t have to worry for the next two days and you can be able to pay attention to other things like work. You can put your hair on the side and make a braid and then tease your hair a little. Mostly, this will work perfectly and make your hair look amazing.

Wash your Hair

We know that the process of washing, conditioning and drying your hair may be time-consuming hence wash your hair halfway as it surely works. If you have bangs, take the sectioning off just the bangs and wash the bangs with shampoos. When doing this ensure to secure the rest of your hair away from your face. If you don’t have bangs all you need to do is to take the front part of your hair and only wash that section. Then take a large round brush and blow dry. Notably, this will give the impression that you have freshly washed your hair and give you a fresh style to rock to work or any other place.

Wear a Headband or Hat

Dig out that headband out of the closet and put it into use. Tease your hair at the crown and put that thick headband. You can also use a scarf instead and wrap it around your head so that it covers the scalp and allow the rest of your hair to be loose. This solution is an easy one; you can also try to rock a cute hat. Before you put your hat, you can try pushing your hair over to the opposite side to make it appear on one side. You push your hair back when you take off the hat.

Embrace the Mess

Your hair does not have to perfect and smooth all the times. Hence, you can take advantage of your bad hair. You can begin by embracing your frizz through lightly braiding a messy top knot or a messy tail braid. You can also spray your hair gently to add the volume and texture while getting rid of the oil. However, if you are headed to work, you can go for a lower messy bun, but if going out with friends, you can opt for the messy top knot. All of this will enable you to still rock with confidence.

A bad hair day can always be fixed. Try putting our tips into practice and make your hair admirable. Always be creative and do not fear to try something new. You can still decide that you are beautiful and stay confident and smile a lot despite your hair situation. However, fixing your bad hair day situation to maintain your good looks will always work for the best, with these tips.

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