Robert Knight with “Everlasting Love”


Introduction to Robert Knight

Robert Knight is an American soul singer primarily known for his late 60s music era hit single “Everlasting Love.”  Born in Tennessee, he started his professional singing career with the vocal quintet The Paramounts; they released the R&B hit single (a Johnny Preston cover) “Free Me” in 1961.  He started his solo career and began recording for the label Rising Sons in 1967.  “Everlasting Love”, his first recording, went high on the R&B and pop charts.  He also released minor hits, “Blesse Are the Lonely” and “Isn’t It Lonely Together.”  The re-issued “Everlasting Love” charted higher on the UK charts in 1974.

Who is Robert Knight?

Best remembered with the hit song “Everlasting Love,” Robert Knight was born on April 24, 1945 in Franklin, Tennessee. Young Knight made his early musical stint with the quintet the Paramounts, consisting of his friends at school. Around 1960, the group signed a deal to Dot Records where they recorded the debut single “Free Me,” their rendition of a Johnny Preston cover. Released in the following year, “Free Me” became an R&B hit, outselling Johnny Preston’s rival version, but it was only a brief success. They cut a few more tracks that went unnoticed. Later, the Paramounts called it quits. While studying chemistry at Tennessee State University, Knight joined the vocal trio the Fairlanes.

Knight as a solo artist with “Everlasting Love”

In 1967, Knight signed a record deal for the Rising Sons label after being spotted performing with the Fairlanes in Nashville. Label owners Buzz Cason and Mac Gayden wrote a song called “Everlasting Love” which would bring Knight to fame.

“Everlasting Love” became a big success, peaking at #14  and #13 on the R&B and pop charts respectively. In the UK, the song was a bigger hit after it was redone by the London-based pop group Love Affair in 1968. Ironically, it became a chart-topper on the British chart while the original version only reached #40.

In 1968, Knight released a couple of singles with “Blessed Are the Lonely” and “Isn’t It Lonely.” But these two were not as successful as the first single. However in 1973, he returned to the UK chart with “Love on a Mountain Top.” The song, (which was) written again Cason and Gayden, reached its peak position at #10 there. In 1974, Knight’s lone big hit “Everlasting Love” was re-issued and made to the Top 20 in the UK Singles chart. Also in that year, he had his final visit in the said chart was with the song “Better Get Ready for Love,” reaching the #53 spot. Knight wasn’t able to make another hit in the US.

“Everlasting Love” went on to enjoy other cover versions by artists such as Carl Carlton, Rex Smith/Rachel Sweet and Gloria Estefan.

Robert Knight’s discography (may be impartial)

Dot Records

(Aug 1961)

  • A: Dance Only With Me
  • B: Because

(Nov 1961)

  • A: Free Me
  • B: The Other Half Of Man

Rising Sons Records

(Jun 1967)

  • A: Everlasting Love
  • B: Somebody’s Baby

(Dec 1967)

  • A: Blessed Are The Lonely
  • B: It’s Been Worth It All

(Mar 1968)

  • A: The Power Of Love
  • B: Love On A Mountain Top

(May 1968)

  • A: My Rainbow Valley
  • B: Sandy


Elf Records

(Sep 1968)

  • A: Isn’t It Lonely Together
  • B: We’d Better Stop

(Apr 1969)

  • A: Smokey
  • B: If I Had My Way

(Mar 1970)

  • A: I Only Have Eyes For You
  • B: I’m Stickin’ With You


Monument Records

(Jan 1974, promo only)

  • A: Love On A Mountain Top [Mono]
  • B: Love On A Mountain Top [Stereo]

(May 1974, promo only)

  • A: Better Get Ready For Love [Mono]
  • B: Better Get Ready For Love [Stereo]

(Oct 1974, promo only)

  • A: The Outsider (Long Version)
  • B: The Outsider (Short Version)

(Oct 1974)

  • A: The Outsider [Long Version]
  • B: Dynamite [Long Version]


Private Stock Records

(Sep 1975)

  • A: I’m Coming Home To You
  • B: I’m Coming Home To You

(Sep 1975)

  • A: I’m Coming Home To You
  • B: Glitter Lady

(Feb 1976)

  • A: Second Chance [Mono]
  • B: Second Chance [Stereo]


Monument Golden Series


  • A: Everlasting Love
  • B: My Rainbow Valley

(Nov 1982)

  • A: Everlasting Love
  • B: My Rainbow Valley
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