Robin Luke with His Only Hit “Susie Darlin”


Introduction to Robin Luke

Los Angeles, California-born rockabilly singer Robin Luke may be considered a one-hit wonder through late 50s music era song “Susie Darlin’,” which went to the Billboard top 10 charts.  He released a few other singles but none of them duplicated the success of “Susie Darlin’.”  Luke eventually withdrew from his singing career. He then studied and received a Ph. D. in Business Administration from the University in Missouri and is now a professor at Missouri State University.  Occasionally he performs in nostalgia gigs.

Robin Luke’s early life and career

American rockabillly singer Robin Luke was born on March 20, 1942 in Los Angeles, California.  But he later grew up in Hawaii where he initially learned playing the guitar and ukulele. He later met producer Bob Bertram through a local talent scout who discovered him after a performance at Panahou High School.

Luke as a recording artist

In May 1958, Luke got signed to International imprint, one of the labels Bertram’s owned. He released his first single “Susie Darlin” b/w “Living’s Loving You,” gaining popularity in Hawaii alone. Months later, the record was distributed nationwide by Dot Records after it was heard by the label’s distributor Art Freeman.

Luke had his immediate career break with the national release of “Susie Darlin'” which peaked at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #6 on the R&B chart. It also became a million-selling record and was given with the gold disc. The single’s success also brought him to every state of mainland America and appearances on American Bandstand and The Perry Como Show. Luke also became friends with the musicians he looked up to, like Buddy Holly and Ricky Nelson.

Graduating from high school, Luke also released a follow-up single “Chicka-Chacka-Honey” in 1959, which vanished without a trace. He continued recording for Dot Records while pursuing his studied in Los Angeles’ Pepperdine University. On that label, he had issued several singles until he quit the business in 1965.

Luke’s later years

Once out of the limelight, Luke zealously pursued his education. He now holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration and Marketing from the University of Missouri in Columbia. At Missouri State University, he was a professor and head of the Marketing Department.

Robin Luke’s discography

International Records [Hawaii]

(May 1958)

  • A: Susie Darlin’
  • B: Living’s Loving You


Dot Records

(Jun 1958)

  • A: Susie Darlin’
  • B: Living’s Loving You

(Sep 1958)

  • A: Chicka Chicka Honey
  • B: My Girl

(Jan 1959)

  • A: You Can’t Stop Me From Dreaming
  • B: Strollin’ Blues

(Jun 1959)

  • A: Five Minutes More
  • B: Who’s Gonna Hold Your Hand

(Oct 1959)

  • A: Make Me A Dreamer
  • B: Walkin’ In The Moonlight

(Dec 1959)

  • A: Bad Boy
  • B: School Bus Love Affair

(May 1960)

  • A: Well Oh, Well Oh (Don’t You Know)
  • B: Everlovin’

(Dec 1960)

  • A: All Because Of You
  • B: So Alone


  • A1: Susie Darlin’
  • A2: Bad Boy
  • B1: Won’t You Please Be Mine
  • B2: Chicka Chicka Honey

(May 1961)

  • A: Part Of A Fool
  • B: Poor Little Rich Boy


  • A: Susie Darlin’
  • B: Living’s Loving You


Bertram International (1958)

  • A: Chicka Chicka Honey
  • B: My Girl


Original Sound Oldies But Goodies


The Everly Brothers

  • A: All I Have To Do Is Dream

Robin Luke

  • B: Susie Darlin’



  • A: Susie Darlin
  • B: Won’t You Please Be Mine


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