Secrets of Dahlia: Origin, Planting Tips, Treatment


Dahlias are luxurious plants with a long flowering period. According to the legend, dahlias used to grow only in the royal gardens and were protected like the apple of an eye. Once a young gardener stole a flower and planted it under the window of his beloved girl. After some time, this gardener was caught and put into prison, but thanks to him, the flower ceased to be a secret plant and became available to ordinary people. Today, we invite you to read about the secrets of planting and caring for dahlias. Let’s begin!

The Origin of Dahlia Plant

The homeland of dahlia is the mountainous regions of Mexico. In ancient times, Aztecs used to eat the roots of this flower. In Europe, the taste of the plant was not appreciated, but everyone liked the amazing beauty and grace of the flower. Dahlia received its Latin name in honour of the famous Swedish botanist Anders Dahl. Nowadays, you can choose an interesting variety of dahlia flowers on the resource.

Place for Growing

Dahlias are not very demanding plants. They can take root even in dense shade. But the size and colour of inflorescences in such a location can be significantly affected. Do you want to enjoy beautiful buds for a longer time? Plant the dahlias in light partial shade. The beauty of the plant will not fade from this, but the flowering period will be longer.

The only condition that must be observed is a moderate level of humidity. Dahlia tubers are prone to rot, so they should not be planted in lowlands. Experts advise making a drainage layer of broken brick or expanded clay, before planting these flowers on the garden bed.

Planting Time

Planting Time

Dahlia tubers are planted only in spring or even early summer when the threat of frost has passed and the soil warms up properly. If you are planting dahlias in early spring, be sure to cover them carefully.

To plant a dahlia, you need to dig a hole, focusing on the size of the tuber. Please note that in addition to the rhizome, there should be enough space for fertilizers, so the size of the hole should be appropriate. The tuber should be located in the way so that the bulb rises a couple of centimetres above the ground.

Decent Care

For dahlias to please you with abundant flowering, you need to pay attention to them from time to time. You will have to water dahlias regularly but without enthusiasm. If you water them excessively, the plant can lose its attractiveness or even die. Watering should be done in the way, so that water soaks the soil by about thirty centimetres. This will be enough for the flower to receive the optimal dose of life-giving moisture. During watering, it is very convenient to apply fertilizers: organic compost, nitrogen fertilizers, superphosphate, or wood ash. Good luck!

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