Simple Steps to Create a Simple Social Media Marketing Strategy


Social media can only grow further making it one of the best ways to market any brand of any size. With this in mind, it is not an easy task, and like everything else in life, a successful social media marketing campaign is pegged on careful planning and a well-thought strategy. A good strategy creates a platform to see if your actions are bearing fruits. Consider the following steps to make a winning strategy.

1. What is your current presence?

You need to evaluate your business and know exactly where you are so that you can determine where you want to steer your business. You can check your presence on existing social media networks to learn how best to use each platform for your marketing objectives. Some of the things you should highlight are

  • The social media networks you are active on
  • The accuracy of the information displayed on all your social media networks. Your bio, status, pictures, website, etc.
  • The history of your posts and the level of engagement they attract from your audience. Are they working, or should you change the approach to your messages?
  • Evaluate how your profile compares to your competitors on the social media platforms that you share.

What social media networks do your audiences prefer?

The answer to these questions will lead to precise placement of your social media marketing presence. Similar to the Zoho marketing hub, all your marketing efforts should be guided and not random.

2. Identify your potential audience/customer

Knowing your audience and finding out what they want is a battle half won in marketing any business. It is necessary to target specific audiences that you wish to and package your message to satisfy that broad category of customers you have selected. For example, targeting school children in general, but targeting school children of a particular age and gender within a specific region who are affiliated to a particular religious background are particular and have more chances of succeeding.

Use these as identifiers:

  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Religion
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Language
  • Problem areas, etc.

3. Know your competition

How is your game using social media to market themselves? Find out what is working for them and how they engage their audiences. Spot gaps in their strategies and improve on their blind spots. Find out the marketing campaigns they have and the effects on potential customers. Knowing your competition makes you emulate their success and avoid repeating their mistakes.

4. Set measurable goals

You should keep tabs on your competitors and understand what they are doing. This way, you will identify the needs of your audience and the platforms to find them. Set measurable goals that are inspired by your mission statement. A one-line summary of that your efforts will achieve if you maintain your focus. Analyze your metrics and design marketing tools to help you engage your audience. Ensure you keep your focus on

  • Engagement rates.
  • Leads generated
  • The time people spend on your website
  • Identify your conversion rates
  • Click through rates and other available metrics

Having a plan is a marketing best free tool.

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