Slot Games with the lowest RTP

Many online slot gamblers are probably wondering why they cannot catch a break, endlessly comparing their spiralling amount of losses and random wins here and there to the professional reel spinners that just do not seem to lose. It can be tempting to think that the professional slot gamblers just have better skills when it comes to playing these slot games, however in many cases it is all about how you are choosing the games in the first place. 

Because different online slots will naturally have different odds associated with them, they are all different, and the last time all slots had exactly the same odds was back in Charles D. Fey’s day. RTP is a crucial piece of information when it comes to deducing the odds of a specific online slot game, as it will tell you the average amount of your stake that you can expect to receive back from your gambling session. It is usually good practise to avoid slots with a low RTP, therefore, so read ahead for some slot games with the lowest RTP. 

Mega Joker 

Wait, what? Isn’t Mega Joker usually lauded as being one of the best online slots RTP-wise? Whilst this is true, it is worth remembering that Mega Joker’s RTP is 99% only when you are gambling with the highest bet amounts, and it can be a whole lot lower than that if you happen to be a low roller spinning the reels of this critically acclaimed NetEnt online slot. 

Mega Joker certainly isn’t a game for the low rollers amongst us, because betting with the smallest coin denomination possible will send the RTP of this slot all the way down to a meagre 76%. Too many first time gamblers fall for its 99% RTP allure, it is definitely a good idea to do your research on Mega Joker before playing it. 

X-Men 50 Lines 

X-Men have fascinated people across the world for the last several decades, mainly with a bunch of box office smash hit motion picture that have made billions at the box office over the last few releases. Playtech have made an online slot tribute to this amazing film and comic series, and the headline news is that it has a crazy 50 pay lines, one of the biggest numbers out of the entire slots industry. 

You would think that this would result in a pretty damn good RTP, wouldn’t you? However the bad news is that X-Men 50 Lines has an RTP of 92%. Playtech don’t usually hit us with such low RTPs, so there may be a licensing issue here that makes it so low, who knows. 

Sassy Bingo 

Microgaming have managed to fuse the worlds of online bingo and online slots with Sassy Bingo, and on the face of it it actually looks like a pretty great effort. Unfortunately the RTP of Sassy Bingo is way lower than the average of 96%, and for this reason we would recommend avoiding it.