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What is Carpentry?

The profession of carpentry is one of the oldest professions that people have practiced since ancient times, and it has become an art of architecture, where they used to cut the branches and roots of huge trees, and then they transform them into pieces of furniture, doors, decorations, and many uses, and the person who performs this profession is called a carpenter and he is the person Who manufactures and repairs all things made of wood, through special tools, including hand tools, including electrical tools, through training courses or studies. 

A university that enables him to practice the profession, or by learning from their previous predecessors to gain experience in this field, and the carpenter has many talents, skills and experiences that help him to provide the best wood creations, which consist of many types of wood that are used in different fields, such as manufacturing Doors, cabinets, tables, window frames, beds, chairs, wood stairs, and large wood industries, such as: house structures and boat making.

Carpentry skills for a Dublin Carpenter: 

A Carpenter Dublin has some specific skills and qualities that are very important while working as a carpenter. Each person who wants to work in the carpentry profession must meet the following skills:

  • Physical fitness: The carpenter must have fitness, because his job requires carrying equipment, wood and heavy materials, physical strength and endurance, and standing for a long time, and his eyes must be piercing to avoid exposure to physical or material hazards.
  • Mental and educational abilities: The carpenter must have the ability to solve mathematical and arithmetic problems, and be proficient in language and science, and the ability to communicate verbally.
  • Attention to detail:   It is one of the most important characteristics that must be met by every carpenter, as inaccuracy in measurements, and lack of attention to small details may lead to major problems and defects during manufacturing.
  • Knowing the equipment: Every carpenter must be fully aware of all the uses of the equipment that he has, whether manual or electrical, so that the woodworking operations and industries are done correctly and beautifully without errors, and is based on facilitating the carpenter’s task when using the right tool in the correct use.
  • Solving problems: The carpenter may be exposed to many problems that he must avoid and be able to solve with the least losses, as some materials or tools may break, so he must find a quick and alternative solution so that he can continue his work.

Carpenter skills:

There are several qualities that every carpenter must possess, as follows:

  1. To have manual skills.
  2. Expertise in all types of wood.
  3. Knowledge of wood and its types.
  4. Knowing the tools and their uses.
  5. The ability to form wood.
  6. Ease of handling angles and taking measurements.
  7. Precision while working.
  8. Good visibility at work and caution.
  9. He must not suffer from diseases that may lead to his fall, or to have asthma and respiratory diseases.
  10. Knowing all occupational health and safety procedures.
  11. To have a driver’s license.
  12. Ability to work within a team.
  13. The ability to bend and lift heavy objects.
  14. Ability to work at heights.
  15. Work in a clean environment.
  16. Exercise in observation and observation.
  17. Cleaning and arranging tools.

Carpentry Tools:

There are many carpenters’ tools and their types, including hand tools, including electrical ones and the most important of these tools are the following:

    1. Drill tools used for drilling and anchoring wood, which allow the addition of some metal attachments and hinges.
    2. Fixing tools such as the adhesive glue that is used to hold the pieces together, and the types of so-called resorcinol glue that is characterized by its resistance to heat and water, the type of white glue, and a glue called polyvinyl acetate.
    3. Sanding tools that are used to smooth the wood upon completion of shaping, with the purpose of removing the residual traces of sawdust, including: Hand tools such as: sanding paper, or electrical machines that perform the same function.
    4. Paints that are used for the finishing purposes of wood industries, which aim to protect wood from external influences that may be exposed to such as water, air, and the sun.
    5. The regular or wooden meter used for taking measurements.
    6. Hammers come in many shapes and sizes and are used for different purposes.
    7. The pliers are a tool made of iron that is used to remove nails.
    8. Nails and bolts that are used to secure the pieces.
  • The saw is one of the most important carpentry tools, and its types are the electric saw and the hand saw.
  1. Pointing tools such as: ballpoint pens, pencils, and felt-tip pens, which are used to determine measurements and mark their location, or to determine the location of publication and to fix the nails.
  2. Water balance, which works on leveling and the consistency of straight lines and helps to accuracy of work and prevent it from slanting, and to determine whether the wood is placed in a correct horizontal position to the appropriate degree.

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