Vaper’s tongue: How to fix it

Vaper’s tongue, which is commonly known as vaper’s fatigue, is the condition in which a person can barely see the taste of their vape juice. Vaper’s tongue is common among vapers today, and this article takes a detailed look at the cause and how to fix it.

Let’s take, for example, you know a colleague who has a particular smell, but they don’t notice. Your close colleague is experiencing the same thing that happens when vapers vape a particular flavor after some time.

It is important to know that vaper’s tongue occurs due to fatigue in the olfactory lobe. The cells in the olfactory lobe become immune to a specific smell after some time. 

Does smell have anything to do with taste?

Yes, your smell has everything to do with taste. Your olfactory lobe in your nose also plays a vital role in tasting flavors.

Try closing your nose when tasting a flavor/food, and you will quickly notice a dull taste. This is because your brain interprets the signals that come from your nose. It is essential to know that scientists have discovered that your brain can taste food without the food touching your tongue. This is how important the brain is when it comes to understanding the taste of food.

So let’s move over to the causes of vaper’s tongue.

What causes vaper’s tongue?

There are so many factors that change the smell of vape juice.It is also important to know that taste fatigue is also the same thing that occurs when smokers can’t smell the smoke on their clothes because they have gotten used to it.

The brain registers every food taste; this occurs when the sensory receptors send signals to the brain. Furthermore, after constant stimulation of the same smell, your brain becomes accustomed to it, causing a decrease in the smell’s intensity.

If you wonder why this happens to the brain, well, science hasn’t yet understood sensory adaptation completely. Hence if you vape the same vape liquid, over time, you may experience vaper’s tongue.

Other causes of vaper’s tongue are:

Taste Disorders

Taste disorder is a condition when there is a decrease in the ability to taste or smell. However, up to 15% of adults have this disorder. Most times, this disorder is caused by illness or injury. There are three main types of disorder:

Hypogeusia: A partial loss of taste.

Ageusia: A complete loss of taste. This occurs in rare cases.

Dysgeusia: This is a distortion in the taste or smell. 


Being sick can reduce the ability to taste food or flavors. Illnesses that can affect your taste sensations included respiratory infections, stuffy nose, dental issues, etc.

Damaged taste buds

The human body has thousands of taste buds, but everyone has distinct ways of registering taste signals. Taste buds can also get damaged, but they are always replaced every one to two weeks. When the body starts to age, the taste buds weaken.

Some factors that cause damaged taste buds include burns, alcohol, smoking, bad oral hygiene, infections, dry mouth, and certain medications.

How to get rid of vaper’s tongue

Maybe you just bought a vape liquid from a vape shop, and you are hoping to prevent the vaper’s tongue from occurring; here are some things you need to do:

Drink more water

Staying hydrated is highly essential for your overall health, and it can also help you prevent vaper’s tongue. Increase your water intake if you vape often. Irrespective of the cause of your dry mouth, the best thing you should do is to increase your water intake.

Cut off alcohol

Reducing your alcohol or caffeine intake can help you prevent vaper’s tongue. Alcohol can begin to dry out the mouth on contact. It also causes you to urinate more frequently, leading to dehydration, which will cause vaper’s tongue.

Clean your tongue

Ensuring your tongue is always clean goes a long way to prevent vaper’s tongue. However, don’t forget to always brush your tongue. You can also use tongue scrapers if you want to take it a step further. Tongue scrapers remove the film on your tongue.

Switch juices

If you vape the same vapor all the time, it will become less vibrant than it was initially. However, the brain can only tune in to one type of smell for long. Hence if you want to stop vaper’s tongue, you need to switch it up a bit. Experiment with flavors you don’t usually vape.

Try menthol flavor

If you have a vaper’s tongue, this might be the right time to try mentholated flavors, even if you aren’t into them. Menthol flavors don’t need smell or taste to be perceived. It activates thermoreceptors, which is why we feel it in our eyes and skin. Mentholated vapes can help reset your taste buds.

Final words

I know you must have seen the term “vapers tongue” in vaping news and articles and probably don’t know how to fix it; this article gave a detailed clue how to do so.

If you are still experiencing a vaper’s tongue after trying the above methods, something else could be at play. It is best to consult your doctor or dentist if this problem persists.