Green Tea Before Bed: Is It a Good Idea?

Green Tea Before Bed

Eight hours of sleep a day keep health issues at bay — you know it, and so does everyone else. The problem is that whenever you try to stick to this rule, sleep refuses to come. So what should you do? You’ve heard that drinking green tea before bed could help. But … Read more

6 Budget Oriented Bedroom Decorating Hacks

Bedroom Decorating Hacks

Want to lighten up your bedroom, but are short for money? Don’t worry, we have some budget-friendly interior hacks that can help liven up your bedroom for a point-by-point comparison with even the most Instagram-able bedroom idea you will find. These hacks cover a lot of things from a quick repaint, re-bedding, … Read more

How to Have More Fun in Bed

How to Have More Fun in Bed

It is normal to want to spice things up in the bedroom with your partner, especially when in a long-term relationship. Normal can start to feel too routine and even lose that spark you had with your partner when the relationship was new. However, if both of you are open-minded and willing … Read more

5 Major Benefits of Metal Frames

metal platform frame woman

Did you know that iron beds were introduced in the 19th century to fight germs and diseases? Wooden frames were more susceptible to germs and pests like bedbugs. Iron beds were easier to clean and made it easier to keep germs off. This shows that the kind of bed you buy will … Read more