Classical Music Pieces You’ve Heard on Looney Tunes

bugs bunny prepares to play the piano

Looney Tunes have been part of our childhood, no matter what generation we come from. Also, being grown-ups won’t even stop us from enjoying those “Merrie Melodies” marathons. You’ll find yourself humming some Chopin or Wagner before you can say, “That’s all, folks!” These short films from the “Merrie Melodies” feature music … Read more

Famous Unfinished Works

first page of Requiem score

Many creative works owe their fame and iconic status to their unfinished state. The most common reason many works were abandoned is the death of the author or artist who created them. But there are other reasons, too. It may be that the creator chose not to finish it due to loss … Read more

Great Artworks That Inspired Classical Music Masterpieces

watercolor art of a violin and flowers

Art and music have always had a harmonious relationship between them. Some of the world’s greatest artworks have been inspired by music, while some of the world’s greatest musical masterpieces have been inspired by art. Check out the following paintings that inspired classical music masterpieces: 1. “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” by … Read more

Classical Composers and Their Bizarre Quirks

music sheet on top of a piano

Each of us has his and her own quirks. But others may go too far – and more often than not, they are seen in people who are perceived to be as geniuses in their own field. Perhaps it is not so surprising because there’s a “thin line between genius and insanity,” … Read more

The Most Beloved Piano Concertos

martha argerich

One of the most popular pieces in the classical music genre is the piano concerto. A piano concerto is a piece composed for the piano accompanied by an orchestra or other large ensemble. Piano concertos typically aims to display of the virtuosity of the soloist – in this case, the pianist – … Read more

History of Classical Music

history of classical music

Classical music is generally thought to have a niche audience and market – some say that it has an aging audience! Thankfully, though, the rising names of the young classical musicians and the power of YouTube and social media have brought classical music to a newer and broader audience. Still, a majority … Read more

Popular Music Inspired by Classical Pieces

popular music inspired by classical music pieces

Pop music heavily relies on unforgettable lyrics and melodic hooks to ensure its success. But little do most of us know that some of the popular music we hear today is inspired by classical music. While a lot of people would rather see pop and classical music being firmly apart, others would … Read more