Artist Biography: Barry de Vorzon & Perry Botkin Jr.

Barry de Vorzon

Introduction Barry De Vorzon (born in 1934) and Perry Botkin Jr. (born in 1933) are American composers and producers, both originating from New York. Their biggest hit together was their composition of the theme music for the TV soap opera The Young And The Restless, later known as “Nadia’s Theme” during the … Read more

The Tunesmith Horst Jankowski

Horst Jankowski

Introduction to Horst Jankowski Horst Jankowski was a German pianist and instrumental composer, whose particular musical scope specialized in easy listening, space age pop and jazz music.  He became internationally known during the 60s music scene. Jankowski was born in Berlin, on January 30, 1936.  He was a student of the Berlin … Read more

History of the Lettermen

The Lettermen

Introduction Vocal group The Lettermen are one of the few acts that still perform today even after their contemporaries have either retired or died off. The Lettermen was formed by lead singer Tony Butala in the late 1950’s. The group underwent many changes until Brigham Young University students Jim Pike and Bob … Read more

Raymond Lefevre – “Ame Caline (Soul Coaxing)”

Raymond Lefevre

Introduction to Raymond Lefevre The late Raymond Lefevre was a French orchestra leader, composer and arranger. He specialized in the easy listening genre as well as recording film (Le Gendarme de Saint-Tropez) and television (Musicorama, Palmares des Chansons) soundtracks. He started his professional career with Barclay Records in 1956. Along with his … Read more

Introduction to Vic Dana

Vic Dana

Who is Vic Dana? Vic Dana is an former singer and tap dancer, originating from Buffalo, New York, USA. He was discovered by Sammy Davis, Jr. as a talented tap dancer, and moved to Los Angeles at Davis’ encouragement. There he started his showbiz career. But when tap dancing was losing its … Read more