History of Jazz Music

jazz musician playing trumpet

In the early twentieth century, Jazz was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Considering that New Orleans had several different nationalities traveling through their port for several reasons, there were a lot of musical influences that graced the land of New Orleans such as French military band music, Spanish folk music, European ballroom … Read more

Biography of Jimmy Dorsey

Jimmy Dorsey

Introduction: Jimmy Dorsey (February 29, 1904 – June 12, 1957) was one of the highly-regarded musicians and big-band leaders during his time, from the 30s up to the 50s music era. Dorsey was proficient in playing the trumpet, clarinet and saxophone. He recorded several pop and jazz standards that have become oldies … Read more

Biography of Tommy Dorsey

Tommy Dorsey

Introduction: Tommy Dorsey was an American musician and bandleader and one of the prominent figures of the Big Band and Swing era. A jazz trombonist, trumpeter and composer, he was a younger brother of another famed Swing musician and bandleader Jimmy Dorsey. The brothers came even to a point of competing each … Read more

Brick and Their Disco Hit “Dazz”


Introduction Consisting of Jimmy Brown, Regi Hargis Hickman, Ray Ransom and Eddie Irons, Brick is an American funk/R&B, disco group known for their hit “Dazz” during the mid-70s music era. Formed in Atlanta, Georgia in 1972, the group created the term “dazz” for the members were came from two different bands with … Read more

The Four Freshmen

The Four Freshmen

Introduction for The Four Freshmen The Four Freshmen are an American jazz vocal group which have had a long and fruitful career in the music industry, and they still perform up to this day although with all newer members – for the last original Freshmen Bob Flanigan had retired in 1993. Particularly … Read more

The Story and Music of Jazz Trumpeter Sil Austin

Sil Austin

Introduction Sil Austin is the late American saxophonist, born in 1929. Although his top preference would always be jazz, Austin recorded in other different genres such as R&B, pop, blues, jump blues, and even country, funk and disco. A self-taught musician, Austin first spent his professional years by playing for groups of … Read more

Introduction to Rickie Lee Jones

Rickie Lee Jones

Introduction: Rickie Lee Jones is an American singer-songwriter, musician and producer who covered many genres such as R&B, pop, soul and jazz. Once a mainstream star, she has become a cult favorite as years pass. She is best known for the now-oldies classic song “Chuck E.’s In Love.” Born in Chicago but … Read more

Ray Bryant and His Prolific Music Career

Ray Bryant

Introduction to Ray Bryant Ray Bryant (born December 24, 1931 – died June 2, 2011) was American jazz pianist and composer who led such groups as the Ray Bryant Combo (also called Ray Bryant and his Combo) and the Ray Bryant Trio. The Pennsylvania-born Bryant was primarily a jazz musician; he could … Read more

The Venerable Singer Gloria Lynne

Gloria Lynne

Introduction to Gloria Lynne Gloria Wilson, known by the stage name of Gloria Lynne, was an American jazz singer from the 60s music era who was best known for her Top 40 hit “I Wish You Love.” Her mother was a gospel singer and Wilson herself became a member of a Methodist … Read more

The Music of Etta Jones

Etta Jones

Introduction to Etta Jones Etta Jones (not to be confused with the legendary singer Etta James) was an  American 60s music-era jazz chanteuse best known for her work for the Prestige label and with saxophonist/manager Houston Person.  North Carolina-born but New York-raised, Jones toured with Buddy Johnson when she was 16.  She … Read more

Introduction to Ernie Freeman

Ernie Freeman

Career Summary Ernie Freeman (born Ernest Aaron Freeman in 1922 – died in 1981) was a 1950s music-era African-American pianist, organist, bandleader and a particularly successful arranger. He had a prolific behind-the-scenes work as he did a lot of session work in the 1950s for a variety of acts and labels. He … Read more

The Music of Ernie Fields

Ernie Fields

Introduction to Ernie Fields Ernie Fields (born Ernest Lawrence Fields in 1904 – died in 1997) was an African-American bandleader. Born in Oklahoma, Fields began his career as a pianist and eventually played the trombone which became his main instrument after graduating from the Tuskegee Institute, then moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma. He … Read more