The Importance of Visiting a Psychiatrist

The Importance of Visiting a Psychiatrist

For a lot of people, taking the first step towards visiting a psychiatrist is not easy. Sometimes, you may feel that the problems you are facing are not worth seeking medical help or that you can solve your problems on your own. Life is indeed full of ups and downs, and it’s … Read more

Benefits of Psychotherapy

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Did you know that historically, mental illnesses have been treated using dangerous and sometimes horrifying procedures? One example is trepanation, which was the popular treatment around 7000 years ago. People back then believed that evil spirits caused mental illness and that it could be cured by drilling small holes into the brain. … Read more

What are the Different Types of Psychotherapy?

What are the Different Types of Psychotherapy

Today, mental health professionals offer different types of treatments to help people who have mental health issues. Among the many treatments available, one of those is psychotherapy. It is also known by many as talk therapy. This kind of treatment can be used either alone or along with medications to treat mental … Read more

Therapy is Not Only for the Mentally Ill – Here’s Why

You are Suffering From Mood Swings

Mental Health remains a difficult topic for people to discuss and there is still a lot of stigma around what it means to have a mental health issue and how patients are portrayed in society. The reality is that we all must look after our mental health just as much as we … Read more