Iconic 60s Album Covers

In the 1960s, rock ‘n’ roll was overtaken gradually by pop-rock, psychedelic rock, beat, folk-rock, and as well as blues-rock,…

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History of Psychedelic Music

Psychedelic music, or also known as psychedelia, is a genre of music that was influenced by the psychedelic era of…

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The Hombres and Their Lone Hit Single “Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)”

Introduction to The Hombres Fondly remembered for their 1967 Top 20 single “Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out),”…

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Frijid Pink – “The House of the Rising Sun”

Who is Frijid Pink? Frijid Pink is an American psychedelic/blues rock, formed in 1967. Their first two singles on Parrot…

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The History of the Chambers Brothers

Career in a summary The Chambers Brothers are a racially-integrated American band founded during their formative years in the early…

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Who Is The Grass Roots?

Introduction The Grass Roots are an American psychedelic folk rock group hailing from Los Angeles, California. They became prominent between…

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