One-Hit Wonders: Bobby McFerrin

Bobby McFerrin

  Introduction Bobby McFerrin is an American singer known for his late 80s music era hit, the very catchy “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” which became a Grammy Award winner. Although more known as a one-hit wonder, McFerrin is one of the original and distinctive singers in his time, is adept at several … Read more

Bob B. Soxx and the Blue Jeans

Bob B. Soxx and the Blue Jeans

Introduction to Bob B. Soxx & the Blue Jeans Bob B. Soxx & the Blue Jeans were an American early 60s music-era vocal group led by Bobby Sheen a.k.a. Bob B. Soxx, along with Fanita James and Darlene Love. Despite the group’s short-lived career, they were best-known for their version of “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” … Read more

The Four Freshmen

The Four Freshmen

Introduction for The Four Freshmen The Four Freshmen are an American jazz vocal group which have had a long and fruitful career in the music industry, and they still perform up to this day although with all newer members – for the last original Freshmen Bob Flanigan had retired in 1993. Particularly … Read more

The Four Coins

The Four Coins

Introduction The Four Coins were a doo-wop vocal group, popular in the 50s music era. The four-piece band consisted of Jimmy Gregorakis, George Mantalis, and brothers Jack and George Mahramas, all of whom were of Greek lineage. They were brought to Cincinnati, Ohio by Lee Barrett, a bandleader, where they started to … Read more

The Four Esquires

The Four Esquires

Introduction to The Four Esquires The Four Esquires had managed to chart three times throughout their short career, despite stiff competition from their peers. This pop vocal group from the 50s music era consisted of Bill Courtney on lead vocals, and backing vocalists Frank Mahoney, Wally Gold, Bob Golden and William Powers … Read more

The Doo-Wop Music of Billy and Lillie

Billy and Lillie

Introduction to Billy & Lillie Billy and Lillie were a New York doo-wop/pop vocal duo who consisted of Billy Ford and Lillie Bryant. In their short career they made a handful of pop hits during the late 50s music era, including their biggest hit “Lah Dee Dah,” a top 10 placer in … Read more

Dion and the Belmonts

Dion and the Belmonts

Introduction to Dion and the Belmonts Dion and The Belmonts joined forces to be one of the leading American vocal acts in 1958-1960. The Belmonts are an Italian-American doo-wop group originating from Bronx, New York consisting of Fred Milano, Angelo D’Aleo, and Carlo Mastrangelo. Their name was based on the place they … Read more

Introduction to The Classics

The Classics

Introduction The Classics are an all-white doo-wop vocal group hailing from Brooklyn, New York, and were led by Emil Stucchio on lead vocals. The group was rounded off by Tony Victor, Johnny Gambale, and Jamie Troy, two of the members had previously been in another group called the Del-Rays. The Classics once … Read more

The History of R&B Legends The Clovers

The Clovers

Introduction The Clovers were one of the biggest-selling acts of the 1950s, having scored numerous high-charting R&B singles, and a lone Top 40 hit single “Love Potion #9.” The R&B vocal group composed of Harold Lucas, Billy Shelton and Thomas Woods – all were Armstrong High School students in Washington, D.C. With … Read more

The Story and Music of The Earls

The Story and Music of The Earls

Introduction to The Earls The Earls are an American white doo-wop vocal group formed in The Bronx, New York in the early 60s music era. The nucleus of the group was (and still is) the group’s founder Larry Chance, and the original members consisted of Bob Del Din, Eddie Harder, Larry Palombo … Read more

One-Hit Wonders the De John Sisters

The De John Sisters

Introduction to The De John Sisters The De John Sisters were a 1950s vocal duo, consisting of Julie and Dux DiGiovanni, both born in Chester, Pennsylvania. The sisters signed a deal with Epic Records, and released their first single “Should I Run?” which didn’t chart. But the follow-up “(My Baby Don’t Love … Read more

The Four Lads and Their Numerous Hits in the 1950s

The Four Lads

Introduction to The Four Lads One of the notable Canadian groups who made waves during the 50s music scene in the United States were The Four Lads. The traditional pop group hailed from Toronto, Ontario, from where they got one of their first names as the Otnorots (“Toronto” spelled backwards). The group … Read more

The Four Voices — A “One-Hit Wonder” of the 1950s

The Four Voices

Introduction The Four Voices were an R&B vocal group consisting  of Allan Chase, Sal Mayo, Bill McBride and Frank Fosta. They appeared on Arthur Godfrey’s show and signed up with Columbia Records in in 1955. Their biggest hit was 1956’s “Lovely One” which just barely broke into the Top 20 pop chart. … Read more

The Four Preps

The Four Preps

Introduction to The Four Preps The Four Preps are an American pop vocal group hailing from Los Angeles, California, where they formed during the mid-50s music era. They would sometimes inject their repertoire with elements of comedy, thus creating novelty songs. The original lineup consisted of lead vocalist Bruce Belland, Ed Cobb … Read more

The Bachelors and Their Music

The Bachelors

Introduction to The Bachelors The Bachelors were a three man trio from Dublin, Ireland who had several hit songs in the U.S., UK and Ireland in the 1960’s.  The group originally consisted of brothers Conleth (Con) Cluskey and Declan (Dec) Cluskey, along with Sean James (John) Stokes, Stokes has since departed.  The … Read more

The Life and Music of The Arbors

The Arbors

Introduction to The Arbors The Arbors were a mid-60’s music era singing quartet made up of two sets of brothers, Tom and Scott Herrick and Ed and Fred Farran.  They met while in college at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, taking the latter part of the city’s name as the … Read more

The Detroit Emeralds – “Feel the Need in Me”

The Detroit Emeralds

Introduction The Detroit Emeralds were an American R&B vocal group, who had undergone several lineup changes. Their first real hit was “Do Me Right”, their first top 10 R&B hit in 1971. Several other hits followed: “You Want It, You Got It” “You’re Gettin’ A Little Too Smart” and “Baby Let Me … Read more

The Impalas of “Sorry (I Ran All the Way Home)” Fame

The Impalas

Introduction to the Impalas The Impalas were an American doo-wop vocal group in the late 1950s, one of the few racially-integrated groups at that time. They’re now mostly remembered via their 1959 Top 10 pop hit, “Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home).” The Impalas were signed to MGM’s subsidiary label Cub … Read more

Introduction to the Whispers

the Whispers

Starting on R&B and soul R&B/soul/dance vocal group The Whispers formed in Watts, a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California in 1964. The founding members included: twin brothers Wallace (aka “Scotty”) and Walter Scott, Gordy Harmon, Marcus Hutson, and Nicolas Caldwell. In the year that they were established, The Whispers signed up on … Read more

Introduction to the Ames Brothers — 1950s Hitmakers

Ames Brothers

Short career summary on the Ames Brothers The Ames Brothers are one of the most commercially successful artists during the 50s music era. The group consisted of Vic, Joe, Gene & Ed Urick. They were the four of nine children born to David and Sarah Urick of Malden, MA. Their parents were … Read more

The Dream Weavers – “It’s Almost Tomorrow”

The Dream Weavers

Introduction to the Dream Weavers The Dream Weavers were a vocal pop group formed in Miami, Florida. They released a single called “It’s Almost Tomorrow,” released on Decca label. The album went to the Top 10 pop chart in 1955. Other minor hits followed such as “Into The Night”, “You’re Mine” and … Read more

The Cleftones – “Heart and Soul”

The Cleftones

Introduction to the Cleftones American R&B and doo-wop group the Cleftones were known for their 1961 hit “Heart and Soul.” They came from Queens, New York. After a long time in showbusiness and a few minor hits, the Cleftones to the charts with “Heart And Soul,” their most successful single ever in … Read more

The Hilltoppers – “Trying” and “Marianne”

The Hilltoppers

Introduction to the Hilltoppers The Hilltoppers were an American traditional pop vocal group who had scored a lot of hits during the 1950s, including six consecutive Top 10 hit singles from 1953 to 1954. The first three original members – Jimmy Sacca, Donald McGuire and Seymour Spiegelman – were students at the … Read more

Introduction to the Fleetwoods

The Fleetwoods’ career at a glance The Fleetwoods were a doo-wop/pop vocal group who achieved some measure of success as one of the few white vocal groups to have not only scored hits on the pop chart but on the R&B singles chart as well. They’re now fondly remembered by their first … Read more

Introduction to Love Unlimited

Love Unlimited

Who was Love Unlimited? Love Unlimited was an R&B vocal group formed by Barry White. The all-girl trio (which comprised of White’s future wife Glodean James and her sister Linda James and their cousin Diane Taylor) provided backing vocals for some of White’s records and live performances. On their own, Love Unlimited … Read more

The Crew-Cuts and Their Cover Hits

The Crew Cuts

Short career summary The Crew-Cuts were an early 50s to early 60s Canadian pop vocal group, who also enjoyed hits in the United States and other countries. Formed in Toronto, the members – Rudi Maugeri, John Perkins, Ray Perkins, and Pat Barrett – were mates at St. Michael’s Choir School. The Crew-Cuts’ … Read more

The Music and Harmonies of the 5th Dimension

5th Dimension

Introduction of the 5th Dimension The 5th Dimension are an American vocal group, formed in Los Angeles, California in 1966. They best-known for their songs “Aquarius” and “Let The Sunshine In” – anthems of the counterculture in the late 1960s. The most famous lineup consisted of Billy Davis, Jr., Marilyn Coco, Lamonte … Read more

Danny and the Juniors – “At the Hop”

Danny and the Juniors

Short introduction to Danny and the Juniors Danny & the Juniors were an American group best known for their 1957 hit single “At The Hop.” The group were formed in 1955 when they were still in their teens. Their first charting single was “At The Hop” which was their biggest hit, topping … Read more

History of the Spinners

The Spinners

  Formation and early career The Spinners were formed in Michigan, in 1957. Five friends — Billy Henderson, Henry Fambrough, Pervis Jackson, C.P. Spencer, and James Edwards — grew up together as neighbors in a suburb in Ferndale, just next door to Detroit. They formed a band which they first named The … Read more

Brotherhood of Man – UK Star Popsters in the 1970s

Brotherhood Of Man

The Brotherhood Of Man are a British pop group formed 1969 by songwriter and producer Tony Hiller. Their first single flopped, but the follow-up “United We Stand” was a hit both in the UK and the US. After a few singles that became minor successes, the band went back into prominence when … Read more