The Beginner’s Guide To Tarot Card Readings

The art of card reading is not a new trend as it has been there for centuries. Even though many perceive it as occultism, it is not valid, and it can open your understanding into many things in your life.  Visiting a reader is an option, but you can also do it yourself, and in this guide, you will learn how to begin.

Understand The Cards

You may be too excited to start sneak peeking into the future the moment you buy a deck but not so fast. It is essential first to know the different 78 cards in the deck. These cards are split into two; 22 of them refer to Major Arcana cards and the Minor Arcana cards that are 56 in number.

Though you may not learn them in a day, you can start by pulling one card each day and meditating on its meaning. Most psychic readers use tarot cards to discern their clients’ needs. You can be your own psychic, or for a friend and family member once you know how to interpret the meaning of different cards.

How To Start Reading

Knowing what a card means is excellent, but you need to learn more to benefit from the art. The beauty of reading cards is that using them to recognize your wisdom and intuition can help you see what will happen in the future. You will choose a deck you wish to work with and ask the card a question when starting.

The question needs to be open-ended and precise to get a clear answer. After the question, you can shuffle the cards holding them in one hand and moving them with the other from one side to another. Another way you can do it is by dividing them into multiple piles and gathering them as one again. You can use several techniques, so do not feel limited to only these two.

Card Pulling

Pulling cards is the next step, and you can do it like in the poker game and choose the card that appeals to you. Alternatively, divide the deck using the left hand and pull the top card. You can start by reading one card, but draw several cards for a more detailed reading.

However, it can be overwhelming to choose many cards as a beginner. After making a choice, place the cards facedown, then later turn them up to look at their symbols, words, and images, and take note of what registers in your mind.

Card Interpretation

One concept to note when card reading is to ensure you focus and remain calm. It helps your intuition connect well with the cards, thus giving you a better answer. Sometimes you may not know what a card is saying about your life.

To interpret the real meaning, you can use the reference book that gives you different definitions of cards. However, you may have to exercise your intuitive muscle more instead of relying on the guidebook to be the best reader.

Reading Cards For Self-Improvement

You do not have to wait until you are in a dilemma to read your cards. You can cultivate a culture of doing the art regularly as it is an excellent way of meditating and keeping yourself in a state of mindfulness. You can do the practice daily, once a week or a month which is essential in building your intuitive skills.

You can start in the morning or evening and make it a routine that can help you know what the day will be like or what the next holds for you.

Easy Cards To Use As A Beginner

Once you spread your cards, it is advisable to start reading one as a beginner. However, as you learn, pulling several cards becomes more exciting and lets you know more. A spread with three cards is an excellent way to go and help you solve questions, especially if there is chaos in your life.

The first card helps you discover what you need to surrender to bring some change into your life. The second card offers guidance and directs you on how to take care of yourself as you go through the process. The third is your guide and shows you at the center of the actual change.

As you move on, you can start doing the spread of five cards. The five cards help illuminate experiences and bring clarification into them.

The Bottom Line

In your quest to learn how to read cards, you open up yourself to possibilities you would never have thought about. You become sure of issues in your life, and you learn to trust in your intuitive capabilities, thus making clear decisions. You can also help those close to you to discover a lot that may be going on in their lives and help them make wise decisions on finance, love, and job.