The Benefits of a Girl’s Weekend

Women take on many roles including partner, mother, employee, friend, sister, and daughter. Often, women carry a significant burden to support those around them. The added stress that these roles demand warrants a break every now and then. This can best be implemented through a girl’s trip!

Why Take a Girl’s Trip

Studies have found that the biggest indicator of longevity is relationships. The number one indicator of the lifespan of a man is whether or not he is married, while the number one indicator of a woman’s longevity is her close relationships with other women. 

Either way, women play an essential component in influencing how long you live. This is due to the fact that women spend time engaging with one another and building bonds.

These relationships also have a positive impact on your health. Spending time with close friends can reduce your stress, increase your oxytocin (happiness) hormones, decrease signs of dementia, and have better healthy habits because social individuals tend to be more active. 

By taking time away from the day-to-day stressors of life, women have a chance to relax, decompress from the many pressures they face, laugh, and build memories with their friends. By taking this time, women can return rejuvenated and become more present in their daily lives.

Where, What, How?

Some women may question their ability to take a break and get away. From concerns about the cost, children, and their spouses– these concerns can be managed. 

A girl’s trip can be as elaborate as a week away on a tropical beach or as simple as a weekend trip with friends in a neighboring town. No matter what, women will significantly benefit. 

Whether you need to book a flight or take a quick car trip to your destination, there are a variety of locations that can fit the bill. You can Airbnb a picturesque setting, go to an old town tourist hot spot, have a glamping experience for the memory books, or live that big city life for a weekend. 

The location is only a small part of what makes your getaway memorable. You can plan many activities that will add variety and fun to your time away. This can include investigating the tourist hot spots for your location and living it up like a true tourist. Find the cute shops, get off the beaten path, and investigate what makes your location unique. 

In addition to shopping, a tried and true girl’s weekend would not be complete without investigating the local wineries. This is always a fun experience for girlfriends when they get together, allowing them to taste the many different wines and chat throughout their experience, enjoying the scenery and setting.

While everyone will want to participate, remember to have a designated sober buddy, or better yet, call a Lyft. This helps to ensure that your ultimate girl’s weekend and whatever fun you got up to while away stays for the weekend only. You do not want your weekend of fun to result in an attorney needing to help sort out any difficulties associated with a DUI.  


Never underestimate the power of taking time out with your friends to build relationships. These relationships can last a lifetime and are fundamental to your health and longevity. When you find the time to build these relationships, however and wherever possible, you will return a better woman, ready to conquer the stresses of life.