The Benefits of Growing Cannabis with Sativa Seeds

Even if you don’t grow marijuana or you have never used the substance, you might already be aware that there are three different marijuana strains out there. These are Indica, Hybrids and Sativa, all of which have different side effects.

Understanding each strain is a vital part of deciding which will work best in your garden if you are growing outdoors.

One of the most popular strains in the marijuana industry is the Sativa strain. If you are looking for a pick me up, perhaps experiencing the Sativa strain might help.

Not all cannabis Sativa seeds are the same. In fact, there are thousands of marijuana strains on the market nowadays. Some vary in THC content, so if you are new to consuming cannabis, consider using a strain that is low in THC.

How can you tell what a Sativa Plant looks like?

There are a few things that can help you distinguish the difference between Sativa plants and other strains. If you have a plant already growing, and you are not sure of the strain, here are a few things that a Sativa plant would have:

  • Sativa plants tend to grow taller in comparison to Indica plants
  • The leaves on a Sativa plant are often much thinner
  • Because Sativa plants grow tall, they can prove difficult to grow indoors. If you are growing your Sativa plant indoors you may have to trim the top of the plant so it fits in the tent as it gets bigger.

Sativa marijuana plants are normally found in warmer areas that have longer summers. In comparison to Indica plants, they tend to take longer to completely flower, so remember to remain patient until you harvest the crop.  You need to visit Homegrown Cannabis Co. for great options.

Sativa strains appear a lighter shade of green when compared to Indica plants, and they need more light exposure too. Sativa tends to have less CBD and higher levels of THC.

What are the Medical Benefits of using Sativa?

The Sativa strain is known to help with various medical issues including the following:

  • Pain Relief: Those experiencing chronic pain often use marijuana to help them feel better. People with back pain, joint pain, and severe headaches often claim that the Sativa strain proves extremely helpful.
  • Anti-Anxiety: During the ongoing global pandemic, there has been an increasing number of people suffering from mental health problems. Unfortunately, those being diagnosed with anxiety is very common nowadays. When people use the Sativa strain, it allows their mind to focus on something else, rather than the subject or subjects that are giving them anxiety in the first place. Anxiety can have a devastating effect on a person’s life, and many people swear that consuming Sativa marijuana is the only way they can go about their day feeling normal.
  • Creativity: Sometimes, trying to get inspiration from somewhere to be more creative seems almost impossible. The Sativa strain is well known to help people get creative, which is why many experts advise people to use the substance during the daytime.
  • Helps with depression: Just like anxiety, during the pandemic statistics show there is a massive increase in those suffering from depression. The Sativa strain gives the user an uplifting feeling and makes them feel more energized which often helps those feeling down come around.

If you are considering using marijuana to help you with a medical issue, speak to a trained professional for advice.

What are the Psychological Effects when ingesting Sativa Cannabis?

If someone was to overdose due to marijuana consumption, they can have issues with how they perceive things, they could have increased levels of anxiety and depression, and some even suffer from schizophrenia.

A well known effect when using cannabis is feelings of giddiness and elation. Feelings of paranoia are also fairly common, especially among experienced smokers.

There has been plenty of studies carried out that show evidence that consuming cannabis can affect a person’s ability to remember things. Short term memory loss and being able to do simple, everyday tasks like driving a car might be difficult.

When a frequent cannabis user comes off marijuana, they can feel irritable and they might suffer from anxiety and depression.

How does Sativa Affect the Brain?

Many people use sativa to help them feel more awake and alert. It can give the individual an uplifting experience that helps them feel more creative and can make them more physically active.

As you probably know already, potent marijuana can cause a person to feel very hungry. This is commonly known as the ‘munchies’. This can become a major issue for those trying to maintain a healthy diet. Frequent smokers find themselves eating unhealthy foods while consuming cannabis products, which can lead to obesity and a lot of other health problems. To help maintain a healthy diet while using marijuana, stock your kitchen with healthy snacks and avoid ordering unhealthy delivery food.

What are the Most Common Types of Sativa Cannabis available?

As discussed earlier, there are thousands of different marijuana plants. Here are a few well known Sativa strains known worldwide:

  • Green Crack: This is one of the most popular types of marijuana sold in the United States
  • Sour Diesel: Also known as ‘Sour D’ is created from crossing ‘Super Skunk’ and ‘Chemdawg’. It gives the user an energy boost and smells a small bit like diesel. It is a common choice for people suffering from depression, stress, or chronic pain. Experienced growers claim it grows best outdoors in hot and dry climates.
  • Blue Hawaiian: This type of Sativa appears to be one of the most interesting looking buds out there. The bud is light orange and green, with orange and red hairs that are covered in sparkling trichomes. It gives the user a nice uplifting feeling.
  • Amnesia haze: This strong Sativa comes from a mixture of different hot countries including Thailand, Cambodia, Jamaica, and Afghanistan. This award winning marijuana is very popular with those suffering from depression and anxiety. This tropical cannabis gives the user an uplifting feeling.

Sativa plants grow well in warmer climates, which is no wonder why the strain is often found in parts of Mexico, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia.