The Islanders and Their Hit “The Enchanted Sea”

Introduction to The Islanders

The Islanders were a American one-hit wonder act from the 50s music era consisting of accordionist Frank Metis and guitarist Randy Starr (born Warren Nadel, who was also a dentist by profession). With the help of special sound effects Ralph F. Curtiss, the Islanders had honed their individual sound. Their only hit was 1959’s “The Enchanted Sea” which reached the Billboard’s Top 20. The Islanders weren’t able to follow it up, though. The duo also issued their one and only LP The Enchanted World of the Islanders, which included their only sole hit.

The musical career of The Islanders

The Islanders was a short-lived American band formed during the late 1950’s. The act consisted of accordionist Frank Metis and guitarist Randy Starr (born Warren Nadel, on July 2, 1930). To add some special effects, they were usually performing with Ralph F. Curtiss. Apart from being a musician, Starr was also a licensed dentist working in Bronx, New York City. He also worked as composer for other artists such as Fred Wise (“Kissin’ Cousins”) and Elvis Presley. He also once became a solo recording artist, releasing several songs for a variety of record labels.

“The Enchanted Sea” — The Islanders’ lone hit

Most of The Islanders’ singles were issued for Mayflower Records; however, they only broke through with the song “The Enchanted Sea” in 1959. It registered at #15 on the Billboard Hot 100. The following year, The Islanders released an LP called The Enchanted Sound of The Islanders.

The Islanders’ discography (may be impartial)

The Enchanted Sound of the Islanders

Side A

  • “Autumn Leaves”
  • “The Breeze and I”
  • “Blue Rain”
  • “Tramp Steamer”
  • “Sleepy Lagoon”
  • “Paradise Lost”

Side B

  • “The Enchanted Sea”
  • “Kon-Tiki”
  • “Dreamer”
  • “Tornado”
  • “Blue Tango”
  • “City under the Sea”