The most exciting developments in the gaming world to look out for

While it’s true that traditional gaming systems such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch are killing it at the moment, and the level of creativity and exciting projects coming out of those areas is perhaps better than it has ever been, gaming is no longer restricted to just the traditional console space. Modern technology has allowed for anyone and everyone to play games, and tech is evolving, allowing them to do that in an even simpler way.

Here are some of the most exciting/different developments in the gaming world to look out for.

Google Stadia

Google Stadia in 2020 hasn’t really had the launch that many of us had hoped for, with a rather lacklustre amount of new titles available for the platform since its kickoff late last year, many technical issues that have made it unsatisfying to play on, and a bit of a lack of support that has riled up a few fans. However, in spite of all these rather major teething issues, there is still no denying that seamless video game streaming, as is the case with film and television streaming, might very well be the way forward for this entertainment variety too, and if there were anyone to try and nail it, surely it’s Google, right?

“The data centre is the platform” was the catchphrase commonly used when Google Stadia was advertised. Using a low-latency internet connection to a powerful server, with Stadia you have nothing but the controller, and are instead gaming on the cloud. In theory, games will load faster, you’ll remove the need for a huge hunk of whirring tech underneath your TV setup, and there are also no restrictions on how high quality you can go with your gameplay, as you’re not tethered to a box with cost-saving specifications.

Something different platform-wise

Did you know? Differing platforms/hardware and restrictions surrounding the kit that you had have in the past made it difficult for gamers from different console ecosystems to play certain titles. However, differences in hardware is so slight in the modern day (with exception to anomalies such as the Nintendo Switch – which in itself has been designed specifically to be much simpler to port onto than previous Nintendo console) that it is easier than ever before for specialist developers such as Abstraction to make things available on everything, where possible.

Check out game development by Abstraction for more information on the process behind these sorts of multi-platform ports and versions, and how these ultimate benefit the player hugely by giving them the massive luxury of choice on their chosen platform.

Video Game Streaming 

Watching people playing video games is nowhere near a new thing at this point, as it’s been a mainstay and cornerstone of YouTube for ages now at this point, and even though platforms like Twitch aren’t brand new, the way that games are being adapted in favour of these live streaming platforms is quite indicative of the weight and level of influence that they now have over the industry. Not only do this streamers have a newfound level of respect with publishers and game makers, as they can organically market the next big hit to their many millions of followers,

Did you know? Back in March of 2018, Ninja broke Twitch records for the most watched single stream of all time, when he teamed up with word-renowned rapper Drake for a few games of Fortnite. Attracting 628,000 concurrent viewers, this event blew up on the internet, and was perhaps one of the major catalysts in the game blowing up and getting mainstream attention – being referenced on daytime television and news stations, and getting talked about/recognised by the average person, not just young people/gamers ingrained within gaming culture to begin with.


You might be wondering how a single PS4 game could create enough buzz to be a major exciting player in the medium at the moment, but having just launched as a Sony exclusive, Media Molecule’s Dreams is a creation tool that’s already blowing the minds of many online with what’s possible, and after receiving rave reviews from critics and outlets, the community will surely only grow from here.

Similar to MM’s previous popular game series Little Big Planet, Dreams allows you to build your own levels, games, and even individual creations that slot into other people’s games – and the possibilities are seemingly endless. If you’re someone that’s interested in game development, you might find that this title is a nice gateway introduction to how things work under the hood. Alternatively, you may just want to surf the many hundreds of creations in the coming weeks and months, curating a playlist of your favourites and forging your own memories that way.