The Novice Crafter: Let’s Start with Diamond Paintings


Are you a beginner in the crafting world? Do you look forward to being a big artist but don’t know how to start? Do you find art beautiful yet hard and complicated to learn? The answer to all these questions is diamond painting. This form of art has become viral recently, not only because it’s beautiful and gorgeous but also because it’s easy to learn. It’s not going to take you forever to master your first painting.

If you’re interested, keep on reading this article to get to know all about diamond painting and how to master it.

What is it?

Diamond painting, as the name suggests, is to paint using colorful resins that have the effect of diamonds. It’s simply achieved by sticking these resins in certain places on a canvas to finally get a shiny beautiful picture. The canvas itself allows diamonds to stick to it, but you also need to use glue on every resin to make it completely stick and not fall. However, you’ll need a solid design first, and the diamond painting kits on pretty neat creative can be a good place to start. It is easier for beginners to follow a set design before they start making their own. It is also important to obtain a variety of painting sizes and shapes to experience all the forms of this art.

Types of diamonds

There are plenty of types and shapes of diamonds that determine how your painting will look like at the end. Square and round diamonds are the shapes you will probably find in your kits; their application on canvas is exactly the same, yet their final look is quite different. Square diamonds tend to have sharp ends, so gluing them together gives the painting a full polished look as opposed to the less shiny look round diamonds give due to the gaps they form when stuck together. Round ones though are easier to grab with the pen tool, which makes them a beginner’s favorite. There are also 3D and 5D diamonds; the difference lies in the fact that the 5D ones are more defined and have more facets, which makes them shinier than 3D diamonds.

What should be in your kit?

As discussed earlier, there are specific tools every diamond painting artist should have, whether as a beginner or an expert,. In every kit, you should find your preferred size canvas that has a guide full of numbers and letters that help you stick specific diamonds in certain places. You will also find colored diamonds, and they usually come in small plastic bags; they give you extra just in case some are lost. There is a plastic tray too where you can freely place the diamonds and pick them up with the diamond painting pen that is also included in the kit. Finally, you will find glue or wax to insert it with the pen tool that helps stick all the pieces together on the canvas.

How to paint?

This is the most exciting part. Your tools are present, and the world is ready to see your first painting. Before you start anything, you want to create enough space for your tools and avoid any distractions to help you fully concentrate. Next, you should familiarize yourself with the guide and symbols on the canvas; read and understand them well before you start painting if you don’t want the painting to end up looking like a 2-year-old child’s drawing. After that, it’s better to arrange the diamonds in the tray according to the color you’re starting with to prevent any possible mess. You also want to shake them a bit to make them face right-side up. Now, you’re good to go; just place the pen tool into the wax, then pick a diamond and finally stick it in its place on the canvas. Wow! Doesn’t that look just wonderful already?!  Also make sure you check out this diamond painting kits comparison.

Diamond painting has proved to be one of the most fascinating go-to type of art thanks to its simplicity and ease. It has also proved that it’s beneficial to everyone who wants to spend their free time doing something crafty since it strengthens concentration levels and improves learning abilities. It also increases artists’ discipline while engaging them in a healthy habit. Because of all these reasons, the diamond painting should be the first type of art you learn; there isn’t a simple one for a novice crafter to pursue. You wouldn’t spend hours in workshops learning it; once you get a hold of the kit, you will be able to start immediately and improve, becoming an amazing artist.

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