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The cloud computing architect competency certification officially launched by AWS is divided into assistant level and professional level. This articleis aimed at AWS Solutions Architect-Associate (SAA-C01).

Candidates can schedule an exam through the AWS Certification Center website, by which you can have an appointment result when you make an appointment at that time and can choose a test center close to you.

For example, the test center in Nanshan District, Shenzhen is in the Fu’an Technology Building. The test will be arranged in a small conference room with several small compartments. And the exam will be performed on computers, and then the score will be automatically issued after the test. There are a lot of information about the detailed introduction of the exam on the Internet. As a result, this article focuses on sharing my review experience and the latest key exam content.

The following review pathways can be taken into actioninterspersedly, and the review time will cost about one month.

We can download and print or purchase the official study manual for the exam on Taobao.

We are supposed to read the most important learning materials carefully. The exercises at the end of each chapter are used to test your understanding of what you have learned. The wrong questions can be specially marked with colored pens. Finally, check the wrong questions.

Register a new account, you can buy it at a discounted price of $10.99, and there are 6 sets of questions. Before starting the review, you can do a set of questions to understand the general knowledge points, and then read the textbooks purposefully and selectively. After reading the textbook, you can do two more sets of questions to consolidate the basic knowledge points. Thenyou shouldwait for the rest of the test questions after reading the AWS white paper. Remember to leave the last set of test questions for practice before the test. The website can single out the wrong questions and repeat them, and it also supports retesting the wrong questions before.

Sign up for an AWS account, first use the free account to operate the exercises in the textbook. There are a total of 25 questions in the mock test, the test time is 30 minutes, and the test fee is 20 US dollars. I suggest that you can take the test. The mock test can be used to familiarize yourself with the test system. There are a total of 65 questions in the formal exam, and the exam time is 130 minutes, including the survey time of the final questionnaire. Therefore, each question should be completed within one and a half minutes, and you can leave some time to check the entire paper.

The white paper is a very good material in our review process, and I suggest you read it carefully.

The following are the white papers I have focused on reading

Overview of Amazon Web Services Architecting for the Cloud AWS well-architected framework AWS Virtual Private Cloud Connectivity Options Server less Applications Lens High-Performance Computing Lens

The exam focuses on a few more basic products; new products such as Iot, ML, etc. are not covered.  The picture below shows my test scores, the distribution of test points is as follows

I have summarized the knowledge points commonly involved in multiple questions which emerged in the exam. EC2, the use of several Instances, Spot, On-Demand. Auto Scale is applicable, how to scale by default.

High availability, if 6 instances are required, how to allocate them in AZ.

In terms of storage, S3, EBS, and EFS are applicable scenarios respectively.  S3 encryption method, Server side, Client side, and KMS; S3 pre-sign URL, S3 storage type, Infrequent access. The scenarios where several types of EBS are applicable; what is EFS; databases, Aurora, Multi-AZ, DynamoDB, and No-SQL databases are used to store key-value data. DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) is a memory cache that can provide fast read performance. DynamoDB is used for game user state preservation and can provide millions of concurrent users. AWS Redis can use Redis auth to enhance security, requiring users to enter a password. Do ELB, Elastic Cache, and ELB need to be deployed to multiple subnets? In a high-availability architecture. The SQS module is decoupled and handles Spike’s request to prevent data loss. VPC, subnet, public subnet, VPC peering; VPC endpoint; Private Link, Direct Link, ACL, Security Group, state full sate less, instance level, subnet levelRoute53 Several methods Sample, Weighted. Cloud Watch, use Event to trigger Lambda functions. Cloud Trail All in all, candidates can basically pass the exam as long as they carefully review the textbooks and carefully complete the relevant practice questions. Finally, I wish everyone a smooth pass.

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