The Pros and Cons of Local and Network Jackpots


A Local Jackpot is a jackpot within specific casinos that are linked and that’s why they are not popular, whereas the Network Jackpot is the most famous jackpot as it links various slot machines from several casinos of the same state.

In a Local Jackpot, the money grows steadily due to bets by other players, but only players of that casino can participate in the pool and win the jackpot. Network jackpots, on the other hand, involve players from different online casinos contributing to the same jackpot.Below is a detailed comparison of Local vs Network Jackpots, listing the pros and cons of each

The advantages of local and network jackpots

Excellent winnings

Whether Local or Network jackpot, both can give quite life-changing amounts of cash rewards from even ridiculous amounts of stakes. The jackpots are way better than regular games, which have low winning rates and need the player to risk playing more games to stand a chance of getting a winning streak. The jackpots can also be played by anyone, whether novice or pro. At Platin Casino, you will get to know the jackpots’ pros and cons and all the need to know information. They’re worth a try!

Jackpots are limitless

In some bonus features, you may find that there are a limited amount of trials for the activities in order for you to score the cash rewards but in both jackpot modes, Local and Network, you will be able to stake as much as you wish, as long as you have the cash to stake. However, you have to plan your budget to avoid getting yourself bankrupt.

You can stake low

As a rule, gambling should be done in moderation, but if you are a risk-taker and can finance it, then why not stake more? Though if you are moderate, which is a good trait while gambling, then you should know that you can actually stake with quite a low amount of money in both the Local and Network jackpots and end up multiplying your low stake insanely!

You will enjoy bonuses

In some Local and Network Jackpots, you will discover that it is not a must for you to win all the games for you to win the larger payouts set in the jackpot. This means that the minimum games to win have been set to a certain number for you to qualify for a bonus payout, which may be lower than the payout for winning all games.

You can participate in them from different platforms

Local and Network Jackpots are played online and this means that you can participate in the jackpot comfortably from your default browser. Unlike before, you can now participate in these jackpots through iOS, Windows and Android-operated devices. This means you can use your mobile phone, tablet or PC and you don’t have to go all the way to Vegas to participate in an online casino jackpot!

As much as Local and Network Jackpots seem to be all good, you should know that they are quite enticing. keeping in mind the amount one is likely to score upon winning. Therefore, addiction can follow, which can make the player chase losses in trying to score that big win and recover lost money while doing so. This could lead to gambling debt as a result.

Keeping that in mind, you should make sure to familiarise yourself with all the rules in either Local and Network Jackpots. You ought to know that winning the jackpot games can be quite a challenge and you should approach the jackpot features as an experiment and not as a way to make quick riches. Stake low, stick to your budget and hope luck is with you!

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