The Pros & Cons Of A Farmhouse Sink

There are certain elements that most people dream about adding to their home; the best possible balustrade from or perhaps a beautiful farmhouse sink.

However, as with everything in your home there is a balance that needs to be achieved. Just because you love something doesn’t mean that it is the best choice for your home. Just as getting a dog is a great idea but not practical if you or one of your family has allergies.

The farmhouse sink is certainly one of those features that many people crave. They are also known as an apron front sink. But, before you add it to your kitchen you should consider the following advantages and disadvantages:

The Advantages

There are several good reasons to get a farmhouse sink:


This type of sink is large and usually square in design. There is a good reason for this. It dates to the times before running water. If you need to go and fetch water it makes sense to collect as much water as possible in one go and keep it at the home for use in washing clothes, dishes and anything else that was necessary.

The farmhouse sink enabled people to do this. It takes a large amount of water or is big enough to handle the largest of pots and pans.

Feature Point

The farmhouse sink stands out in any room; no matter how well fitted. But it stands out in a good way. Everyone who visits your home will comment on it and admire it. You don’t need any other focal point in the room if you have one of these.

Multi Use

The original farmhouse sink was a deep rectangular shape with just the one sink. However, these sinks have become so popular that there are now a range of options available. You can easily purchase a double farmhouse sink to allow you to wash up while prepping vegetables.

Easy Wipe Down

Perhaps one of the best elements of a farmhouse sink is that they are usually recessed into your counter top. Of course the counter top needs to have a well finished end to protect it from water exposure as you use the sink.

The main advantage of this is how easy it is to wipe down the sides and remove crumbs, etc. from your counter tops. Simply sweep them into the sink and know that your home is hygienic and healthy.

Material Choice

The traditional choice for the farmhouse sink was china. But there is an array of choices available today; including cast iron, copper, fireclay and even stainless steel.

This means you can choose the sink that blends perfectly with your kitchen to make the statement you want while giving you the convenience of a large sink.

Can Be Trimmed

Most farmhouse sinks cannot be altered in size; that’s why you need to choose and plan carefully before you purchase them.

However, there are a few from manufacturers like Kohlers’ that will allow you to trim them to fit the space you have available.

This makes them a flexible option!

The Disadvantages

Of course, nothing is perfect; there are some issues with the farmhouse style sink:


There is no doubt that these sinks cost more to purchase than a standard sink. This doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile but you will need to factor this cost into your budget.

Know Your Material

The original farmhouse sinks were tough but could be cracked if you dropped your dishes into them.

However, modern sinks are made from an array of materials. You need to know which material you like the look of and its affect on your dishes.

Copper sinks can be relatively easily marked and will fade over time. In contrast Fireclay sinks are tough; they are likely to break your dishes if you drop them into it.

Installation Issues

There are several things to be aware of when installing the farmhouse sink. The most important is that these sinks are large, heavy and sunk into your counter top. You need to create additional supports in your cupboard before plumbing the sink in.

You’ll probably need a new, smaller door and may even have to adjust a false drawer front.

The Bottom Line

The farmhouse sink is a practical and beautiful addition to your home but you must be aware of its limitations. This will ensure that you only buy it if it is really the right one for you.