The Top Versatile Must-Have Pieces to Include in Your Activewear and Athleisure Collection


Who doesn’t want to feel comfortable all day, every day? When you’re stuck in stuffy work clothes or stiff formal attire, it can be difficult to feel at the top of your game. Activewear, on the other hand, allows you to move, bend and do practically anything without having to fidget or readjust every few seconds.

Thankfully, the fashion thought leaders have gifted us with the athleisure trend, allowing us to wear our comfy workout clothes whenever, and mostly wherever we please. There’s more to it than just wearing any ratty T-shirt or pair of shorts, however, and you must consider style. Luckily, brands like Reebok are leading the charge in the fashionable athletic wear category with a wide selection of products you can mix and match for fashion success.

As with any piece of clothing, you want to go for versatility, so you can rock it in a variety of situations with other pieces for the ultimate athleisure or on-point gym outfit. This article will fill you in on the versatile athletic wear pieces to pick up.

But first, let’s consider a few factors that should go into any athleisure and activewear collection.

Choose Items That Support Your Performance

First things first, you definitely don’t want to get activewear that is plain uncomfortable. That defeats the purpose of activewear and the athleisure trend in the first place. Good activewear should help to keep you cool, allow you to move and give your body support where you need it. Apparel that can keep you cool and comfortable during a workout will do the same when you’re wearing it out at brunch. Innovations such as Reebok’s Speedwick fabric to keep you dry along with flatlock seams go a long way in supporting your performance.

Wear Things That Make You Feel Your Best

There’s just something about wearing one of your favorite premium sports bras that just adds a much-needed boost of confidence. Whether in the middle of the WOD or running errands on a Sunday afternoon, your clothes should give you the confidence that you can handle anything and everything. The best activewear will do just that.

For example, there’s a fine line between too restrictive and not enough support. Premium activewear will walk that line and offer you the perfect combination of support and flexibility. When you choose to invest in apparel that’s made for your fitness style and shape, everything feels effortless, you feel stylishly confident and know that your outfit is on point.

Now, onto the essentials you should pick up or upgrade the next time you’re shopping around.

Stealth Black Athletic Leggings

What can be said about black athletic leggings and tights that hasn’t been said before? For tons of women, they are the go-to bottom no matter the season or reason. From Monday morning squats to Thursday afternoon hangs with friends, they have you covered. The plus side of black athletic leggings in particular is that they are super versatile and work with a variety of colors and pieces. Make sure to go for ones with a pocket to hold at least your phone when out and about, along with a high and wide waistband for a more streamlined look. Pair them with some athletic shoes, gym tank tops, T-shirt or hoodie and you have a no-fuss, ready for anything outfit.

Versatile White Sneakers

Everyone should have a pair of dedicated athletic sneakers or walking shoes, and you can never go wrong with a white pair of kicks. They look fresh and light for spring and summer, but you can also pull them off in winter too. You could stick to classics to keep pace with the ‘90s resurgence or go for a pair of white shoes with modern styling.

Decide how you plan to use them, and stick to that, meaning wear your cross-training shoes exclusively in the weight room and your walking shoes for daily wear and tear. Footwear brands spend years innovating on the tech in their shoes, and different activities can have different demands on your shoes, so specialized pairs can help you a lot.

Graphic T-Shirts

Nothing screams, “I work out and love being active” like a graphic T-shirt with a huge vector logo of a legacy athletic brand printed on the front. From the gym to casual Fridays or just lounging around the house, one can never have too many graphic T-shirts, and they play a crucial, versatile role in your athleisure wardrobe.

It’s amazing how even if you just rep one brand, there are countless logo variations and prints available in practically every color under the rainbow. You also should consider the materials of the shirt. There’s no denying that a cotton T-shirt is comfy, but if you plan to work out in it, prepare for it to get drenched in sweat. For workout shirts, choose ones with Speedwick materials to keep you cool and dry while looking the part too.

Cozy Performance Hoodies

There are few things as comfy as an oversized, cozy hoodie. Whether it’s a part of the many layers you wear on frigid days or the highlight of your entire outfit, a hoodie is an athleisure must-have. As with T-shirts, you also have choices when it comes to materials and fit. For general warmth, you’ll want something thick and cozy.

On the other hand, if you just need something stylish and cut to handle your morning workouts, opt for a slimmer hoodie made with a cotton blend that allows for optimal movement while you work out. As a bonus, you also can’t go wrong with track jackets these days if you want a lightweight option for quick runs during chilly mornings or as a sporty statement piece.

Athletic Wear Everywhere 

You’d be remiss not to have activewear for the entire outfit, including socks, sports bras and more. Not only do these items serve a distinct purpose in the gym, but they can also be stylish. It might even surprise you just how versatile sports bras can be. Depending on the environment, they make great tops, whether beneath a blazer, over a long-sleeve T-shirt or paired with high-rise jeans or athletic leggings. The possibilities are endless, and with the athleisure trend in full effect in 2020, don’t pass up the chance to pull the entire outfit together.

Putting It All Together

Following a trend is not about getting rid of all of your clothes and starting from scratch (unless that’s your thing). Instead, it’s about picking up a handful of essentials that you can mix and match with your existing pieces for a complete look. Consider how you could wear your favorite workout shorts outside of the gym with the addition of a new shirt or how premium athletic leggings could elevate your casual Sunday outfits. There are tons of options, each just as stunning as the last.

About Reebok

When it comes to producing apparel and footwear that supports your performance, Reebok is the leading name. For decades, they’ve created groundbreaking athletic products that effortlessly blend performance with style. Reebok’s products inspire and innovate and could be the key to your success in the gym, on the track or in the streets. They offer a wide variety of products, including workout clothes for women such as sports bras, plus basketball shoes, weightlifting shoes, running shoes, gym shorts and much more. If you’re looking for gear that’ll keep up with you and help you perform at your best, all while looking good, Reebok is your top choice.

Shop Reebok’s entire selection of activewear essentials at

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