The Waterfall Countertop Trend: 2021 Ideas


Waterfall kitchen countertops are one of the biggest trending interior design items of 2020. We can expect to see a lot of them this year, especially waterfall countertop islands, to create vibes of modern luxury. The rise in popularity means that many tradesmen are now well equipped in waterfall countertop installation, making it easy for you to include one in your new kitchen or renovation. In this article, we take a look at the waterfall countertop trend including what is a waterfall countertop and how you can include one in your new kitchen.

What is a waterfall countertop?

A waterfall countertop is a fairly recent trend that has gained enormous momentum and is being used to add glamour and sophistication to kitchens the world over. Still wondering what exactly is a waterfall countertop? A waterfall countertop is a bench that continues all the way to the floor, as opposed to traditional style countertops that are simply a horizontal surface that is built on walls or cabinets and has a clear end. It gives the countertop material a dramatic appearance as it sweeps smoothly all the way to the ground with no blunt edges, hence the aptly given name.

These countertops, especially waterfall countertop islands, are often created in an extravagant material. Natural stone and quartz are popular choices, adding to the opulence of the look. It will come as no surprise that waterfall kitchen countertops of this type are quite expensive. They add a true ‘wow’ factor to your kitchen, although it is worth doing your research to ensure this lavish addition is right for your kitchen.

After you read this article, click here to read more about waterfall countertops and various forms they come in.

Why choose a waterfall kitchen countertop?

They make a statement

Looking for a bold statement piece for your kitchen? A waterfall countertop may be exactly what you are looking for. Typically made out of luxurious material, these benches really catch the eye. The design itself is sure to attract attention in the way that there is much more material than with a standard benchtop. For instance, if you have a quartz countertop this will be on show for more than just the top. The sides of the counter will also be made of quartz and it will be the first thing you see when you enter the room.

They add class and sophistication

There is no denying that waterfall countertops add a real sense of glamour to a space. When used in a kitchen, waterfall countertop islands can alter the vibe and dictate the aesthetic. The flowing design of the countertop in combination with the extravagant material creates a really powerful pairing.

They can soften a room

Is your kitchen a little harsh? Maybe you’re seeking some softer, romantic vibes? Be done with blunt edges and swap your traditional benchtop for a waterfall one. It will instantly look different, as the bench will flow into the floor creating a seamless look, rather than pieces being separate and isolated. Waterfall countertop installation can be the perfect solution if you are seeking a warm, blended aesthetic rather than one with distinct elements and clear contrast.

Why are waterfall countertops so expensive?

Waterfall countertops are more expensive than traditional countertops for three reasons:

  • They are nearly always made of expensive materials

  • They require more material than traditional benches

  • The installation costs more

These countertops are often created using quartz, marble, granite or natural stone. These types of materials are the perfect finish for a kitchen and create a feeling of pure glamour, however, they do cost more than some alternative, more traditional benchtop materials.

The cost is also increased due to the extra material needed. Instead of one, horizontal slab, waterfall countertops have two sides that flow smoothly to the floor. This extra material needs to be taken into consideration if you are thinking about a waterfall countertop.

It also means that waterfall countertop installation is more expensive. It is a little more complex than installing a single slab upon an existing bench but also takes more time given the extra material. The people doing the installation now have to do the sides and top to ensure a seamless, flowing look.

Whether you are designing a new kitchen or updating an old one, waterfall countertops are something you should consider. They are trending in 2021 and will be sure to add a modern, luxurious feel to any space. Remember to do your research and factor in the additional cost of a waterfall countertop.

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