Things to you Should Know About Bicycles for Heavy People

Finding a custom bicycle is not only important to avoid injuries, but it is also extremely important to enjoy each of your trips more. Regardless of whether you are looking for a bike for recreational purposes, as a means of transport or to travel around the world, the best bike will always be the one that best suits your needs. Many people have asked us about bikes for overweight people. Therefore, this time we share some important points that you should take into account when looking for a bicycle for heavy people.

The Heavy Rider/Peoples

Buy bicycles for heavy people do not mean exclusively someone who is overweight. It could also be someone who, due to their height and build, cannot find or find it difficult to find a suitable bicycle. The reality is that many of the bikes and components are designed to support 100kg or so. This is mainly because its design is based on standards. The good news is that just as we have people of all shapes and sizes, there is also a wide variety of bikes. In this case, by heavy cyclist we mean someone who exceeds the weight limit of most of the bikes you usually find.

Recommendations for Heavy Cyclists

Research the Market

The first step is to carefully research the features and specifications of the bikes you like. The weight limit varies depending on the manufacturer and the specific model. Therefore, it is important to consult the specific weight limits for each of the models you are considering. This information can be obtained by consulting the manufacturer’s official website or an authorized dealer.

Don’t worry about the Weight of the Bike

In this case you don’t have to worry so much about the weight of the bike. In a certain way, it could be said that the weight of the bicycle is relative to the weight that the bicycle will have to bear (rider + load). For example, in the case of someone entering the heavy or heavy biker category due to their height, they will need a bigger frame, which translates to longer tubes. To maintain a good level of resistance, manufacturers will have to increase the gauge or increase the diameter of the pipe. A good frame can be manufactured in any of the existing materials (aluminum, titanium, etc.), however the vast majority of frames designed to withstand considerable loads are made of chromoly steel.

Consider Building your Own Bike

When looking for a bicycle with particular specifications, a viable alternative may be to look for the frame and components separately. Although the price of a standard bike can be quite tempting, you must consider the costs that may have to replace failed components or even not being able to enforce the warranty. When assembling your bicycle, you should pay special attention to the weight limits of the frame, seat post and handlebar.

Take Care of the Resistance of the Wheels

In this case we refer to the wheel as the hub assembly, spokes (spokes), rim, tube and rim (tire). One of the most common failures on bicycles that are subjected to considerable load are the wheels. It is recommended that a weight-bearing wheel have:

  • Tires with a high TPI (threads per inch / threads per inch).

  • Strong cameras.

  • Stainless steel biconized rays or spokes. Preferably 36 spokes on the rear wheel.

Choose a Comfortable Saddle

Selecting a suitable seat really makes a difference. There is a false belief that a wide, padded seat is always the most comfortable option. In reality the width of your seat should be enough to support your hamstrings without being too wide to rub against your legs. eye! The distance between these bones is not relative to the width of your butt.

Softness is determined based on how long you will ride on your bike. Soft seats are recommended for short trips and rigid saddles for long trips.

Finally, the shape of your saddle should be in accordance with your pedaling style. The more upright your posture the saddle can be wider. On the other hand, the more inclined forward your posture is, the narrower you should look for a seat.

We hope these tips help you find a bike that fits you. If you have any questions or have something to share please leave us your response with us.