Tips for choosing the right online slots site for you

The gambling industry has been booming over the years. In the UK alone, the Gross Gambing Yield was £14.3bn in the year of October 2018 to September 2019. Importantly, 38.6% of this revenue came from remote (online) gambling, with $5.5bn GGY — an increase by £229.3m from the previous year.

One of the most popular of all online casino games has to be slots. And there are so many reasons for it. Slots have had a longstanding history as an exciting casino game. The machines we know and love today were first created back in 1887; the Liberty Bell machine in particular (with a pay-out awarded for 3 bell symbols) gained huge popularity over the years, despite them being banned in 1902. The internet boom of the 90s made way for the first online slots; fast advances in technology have made slots better than ever. For example, the themes on offer. There are so many awesome themes for users to enjoy, including those related to pop culture. You can get everything from music themed games, to those based off TV shows and more. And new ones are being created every single day to access more audiences.

Then there are the pay-outs — one of the reasons that online casino games are so much fun to play. Being able to have the opportunity for a big pay-out win while playing is another reason people love online slots so much. And of course, the joy of the spins. So many providers are now offering bonuses like free spins, which can increase your chances of that pay-out we all love.

Online slot providers offer many themed slot games, usually taking inspiration from TV shows or films.

Secure Payment

There are an increasing number of providers out there, with such a broad selection. With it being such a growing and successful industry around the world, brands and gaming companies all want to get in on the action, with the number of online slot websites increasing every single year. But how to you choose what is the correct slot website for you? Here are some of the top tips in selecting the online slots platform that will give you the best experience.

The variety

The variety

One of the best reasons to choose an online slot game site is for the variety they have on offer. You want to choose a website that has a broad selection of games so that you’ll constantly be entertained and will never get bored of the games. With so many incredible advances in technology, especially around graphics, visuals and sound, you want to be sure you’re playing on the website that has invested in their games. You also want to ensure the website has a great design so that you’re getting a user-friendly experience when choosing from the game selection.

With loads of different games to choose from, with different themes, you’ll always have something fun to play on your chosen website. The variety is definitely something that can make one website stand out from another.

Bonuses and promotions

Everyone loves a great deal. And with the oversaturation of the online gaming market, websites need to offer deals, like promotions and bonuses, to keep their customers loyal — and attract new ones from other brands. One of the most popular bonuses for online gaming websites is the sign-up bonus, which can include everything from free spins to extra credit; it’s one of the ways that websites get players on board from the start.

An example of a site who has plenty of bonuses and promotions on offer is Wink Slots, who not only have sign-up and registration deals, but they also have promotions for their existing players too, so you are sure to be rewarded for loyalty. These types of loyalty bonuses and promotions can benefit you in the long term and some of these freebies can result in real pay-outs if you’re lucky!

Secure Payment

Playing on online gaming sites is great because you can win real money; but you’re also depositing real cash too. When choosing an online slot website, you want to be sure that whether you’re making a deposit or a withdrawal, your transaction is 100 percent secure. Going with a trusted or well-known brand is one of the ways you can ensure that you’re making a secure payment on the website and that your funds are safe — the larger organisations often invest highly in their security features and would quickly lose out if they had issues with transactions. For tech gurus, look into websites that offer cryptocurrency transactions as that’s a further way of keeping your payments safe.

When choosing an online slot site, you want to make sure your payment is secure, larger trusted sites tend to pay for higher security systems.

Is it legal?

It’s very important that the website you’re playing on is legal. You can look into this online — but also check to make sure that you’re playing legally wherever you may be at in the world. In some states in the USA, for example, online casino games are in fact illegal. So be sure to look into this before you play.

Compatibility with how you play

Whether you’re playing from a smartphone, a desktop computer, a tablet and more it’s important that the website you’re playing on is compatible, so you have the best gaming experience possible. Some websites that offer games with high quality graphics, sound and visuals might not be so great if you’ve got an older form of tech or browser. Other games aren’t as suitable for mobile, if that’s how you prefer to play. Be sure to take this into account when you’re choosing where you play online slots. Many of the larger brands have options that are compatible for these different platforms, but it’s always worth doing your research.

So, if you are wanting to choose the best online slot for you, follow the above guidelines and you will be sure to enjoy your slot experience.