Tired of a Messy Desk? Try These 7 Tips to Declutter


Have you ever been so stressed out, too irritated without a reason, while you are at work? Ever thought what could be the reason? Well, your messy office desk or a workplace is!

A messy office desk is the first route to cluttering your mind and your overall productivity. A cluttered space, whether home or office, can feel terrible, chaotic and stressful- and it pisses me off- a lot! When your workspace is all messed up, it directly affects the focus and disturbs you on a mind level.

Probably, when you declutter your office desk with office choice, you might unearth a treasure that might boost your productivity, spelling some productivity and anti-stress magic on you- Maybe!

We have mentioned some mood boosting and stress-killer techniques and tips to declutter your messy desk, and kick the mess out of the room! Take a look.

Tired of a Messy Desk? Try these 7 tips to declutter

Okay, that’s probably a myth- when people say, if your desk is cluttered and messy, then the person is a genius. So, people think, all the experts and scientists had their desk messed up? Having a disturbed desk can affect you on a psychological level, you might not understand that on the conscious level, but it does on your subconscious level- okay- it’s getting too science-y! Let’s jump onto the tips!

1. Time is the task!

Trust me, I never had a word called “time management” in my dictionary until I found out how relieving and relaxing it feels if I do everything on time. Dedicating time for every task could sound obsessively systematic but it does help you to be more genius and helps you to think creatively. This applies even to your email inboxes and mobile inboxes. Maybe you have some forgotten notes left behind, but you did the task anyway, do you think you would need that note anymore? Starting from your inbox to everything on your desk- you need to set a time to declutter things and for the tasks.

2. Those visual distractions are so distractive!

Motivational signs, boards and even small to-do-list notes are completely acceptable- according to your mind. But, too many of them? I mean, are you preparing for a protest on your office desk? Yes, we all love a good shot and a dose of inspiration, but too many signs and notes can distract you. Some of us love animal toys, or probably small stuffed ones, and even the artworks and pictures of our family and loved ones- and it’s okay to have them. But, you need to remember that you replace or swap these things every once in a while.

3. Recycle the already read newspaper, and magazines

Take 10 minutes of de-junk moments for you and your desk. You can also clear out your work bag and remove all the unnecessary things, newspapers, magazines and even the small paper notes. We all have a work bag where we keep the non-usable pens, fully written small notes, client house-call notes, old newspapers, irrelevant magazines, and that purse, which your niece turned into a garbage bag! When you declutter these things, it feels calming, relieved and graceful- and trust me you are going to crack that next client meeting and get the deal.

4. Reorganizing could be a good change

Every once in a while, we reorganize the furniture at our home and rearrange the entire space, trust me it gives a plenty change- like a spark in a newly found love. You can practice such reorganizing techniques in your home and in your workstation too. Maybe there are a pile of old documents that’s asking you to throw them away. Your computer system has so many unwanted files and documents and software that you don’t need anymore- you need to open them, check it and delete them all. Maybe in all that digital junk, there are some gift cards your client sent and you forgot about.

5. Clean every day!

It could be a daunting task, especially when you have a busy day at work. Well, if you have a busy day skip the cleaning and decluttering process, but you can manage a day in the week- maybe the last day of the week to declutter your workspace. Once you have decluttered your desk, always manage to keep it that way- follow the process every day- if not at least once in a week. Discard all those no-ink pens, cups that are too old, papers, documents that you don’t need anymore. Since it’s pandemic, you might also want to sanitize and wipe your desk using disinfectant solution.


With all the above mentioned tips in mind, you will no longer find your workspace cluttered. If you work in a pleasant ambiance and an environment, you are 95% likely to be productive and it promotes a better practice in your workplace. Well, not everyone can put such cleaning practices immediately into effect, but you can always start slow- because that’s how we all learn, don’t we?

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