Top 10 Movies about Mental Health on Netflix!


In recent years, mental health has gained tremendous importance among scholars, medical professionals, researchers, filmmakers, workers in the media, politics, bureaucrats, military, and service sectors. Even so, not many people take it seriously, and avoid consulting therapists. 

Things are moving towards the positive slowly and now with many of powerful videos and messages being shared online, awareness regarding mental health has increased significantly. Movies/TV shows have also played an important role in showing the importance of good mental health. Platforms like Netflix boast numerous categories like Action, Thriller, Comedies, Sci-Fi and more. However, there has been an increase in documentaries and movies as will that focus on Mental Health specifically. 

1. Take Your Pills (2018)

 Top 10 Movies about Mental Health on Netflix!

One of the most famous movies on Netflix, Take Your Pills (2021) is a Netflix Original, directed by Alison Klayman. It features renowned actors like Ariana, Delaney, Jasper Holt-Teza, and other famous stars who accurately depict how drugs destroy our lives.

Drug addiction is widespread illness in many parts of the world. This movie focuses
on the situation in America today, where many tend to be addicted to Adderall and
other drugs that reduce hyperactivity and improve attention span. People who take
drugs or get addicted to any drugs due to mental health issues can take them to
mental health treatment program for teens.

2. Not Alone (2016)

Top 10 Movies about Mental Health on Netflix!

“Not Alone” is an excellent film, about mental health following the tragic incident of a young man taking his own life. Made by a great friend of the youth, he saw young people suffering from mental health problems.

These people talk openly about how they were feeling at the time, including the isolation and sadness they were experiencing. All to let others know that they are not alone. The movie carries a strong lifelong learning lesson.

3. Bottom of the World (2017)

Top 10 Movies about Mental Health on Netflix!

This film is about the mental abuse that can be done when a person cannot understand or deal with the magnitude of the situation. The story follows a young couple traveling on Route 66 to Los Angeles, where a girl, Scarlett, got lost in a motel on the main street and faced a torturing situation in her life.

4. Strange Voices (1987)

Top 10 Movies about Mental Health on Netflix!

The film takes us through the entire journey of a person with schizophrenia from diagnosis to prediction. It shows the challenges of someone accepting the fact that they have a life-taking disease. The movie takes us through how the family moves from rejection, anger, and finally to accepting mental state. 

It also illuminates a person’s choice to accept or reject treatment and what it means for them, who cares for them. It is a heartbreaking journey to acceptance as it explores the patience, resilience, and mental resilience of those who seek Nicole.

5. Brain on Fire (2017)

Top 10 Movies about Mental Health on Netflix!

Acting Chloe Grace Moretz, Susannah is an upcoming journalist and seems to be doing very well in her work. But one day, she suffered sudden headaches and a severe coma that began to drive her crazy. As time goes on, her symptoms get worse and worse, and Susannah becomes more and more insane. 

She visits many doctors and waits for hours in the hospital, but many doctors cannot rightly diagnose what is wrong with her and are not sure what her condition is.  Finally, they find it as a complex mental illness.

6. Basic Instinct (1992)

Top 10 Movies about Mental Health on Netflix!

Joe Eszterhas’ writing made the film a huge success, featuring Sharon Stone as Catherine Tramell and Michael Douglas as Detective Nick Curran. The story follows a cat and mouse game between the two as Catherine becomes a major murder suspect. 

Catherine’s mental health is turning bad, and showing signs of a psychopath. Catherine is a crime novelist, and her murder is alleged to have made her appearance in her books. The film is also known as the “basic depiction of sex” despite the many controversies surrounding it.

7. Rain Man (1988)

Top 10 Movies about Mental Health on Netflix!


Rain Man is a classic movie about mental health that has won several awards in Netflix’s history. It was the highest revenue-generating film in 1988. Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise (Charlie Babbit) did a great job portraying autism as a gift rather than just a mental illness.

It is a true thrilling story of American and an autistic expert, Laurence Kim Peek (1951 to 2009). The story revolves around, how the two brothers reunited and the journey of frustration in understanding the life complexities. 

8. A Beautiful Mind (2001) 

Top 10 Movies about Mental Health on Netflix!

It is an Oscar-winning movie that vividly portrays the real-life struggles of John Nash and his schizophrenia. John Nash is an example of a mathematical genius and the founder of game theory. The first symptoms of Nash’s schizophrenia appeared while studying mathematics at Princeton. 

John goes on and off his medication blocking his thoughts because he says it interferes with his thinking ability and the effectiveness of his research. The movie depicts that fighting with one own mind is the toughest illness in the world.

9. To the Bone (2017)

Top 10 Movies about Mental Health on Netflix!

In 2017, it was Netflix’s biggest release so far under its original productions. Lily Collins plays the role of Ellen, a young woman suffering from anorexia who has been tested for rehabilitation. The film story was about an eating disorder and a worrying journey as Ellen struggles to find herself better.

10. Nightcrawler (2014)

Top 10 Movies about Mental Health on Netflix!

It tells the story of the hero of the opposition- Louis “Lou” Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal), who is an actor. He works as a photographer, recording and filming violent crimes. As an opportunist, his character is questionable as he distorts evidence to get a “better” news story to break. 

The film highlights many issues with journalistic behavior but what makes this a good fit on the list is Lou’s character. Lou comes as a person with antisocial personality disorder – shows a lack of concern for people, breaks the rules, is rash, and shows no remorse even after hurting people.

Final Thoughts

These movies can be incredibly powerful and insightful for anyone dealing with mental wellness.  Check out the list and see which one is right for you!

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