Top 10 NBA Players To Wager In The Upcoming Basketball Sports Betting


The NBA season this year is not disappointing its fans as it returns on July 31, 2020. The NBA organizers had finally agreed to create a strict plan in making this event possible. Unlike the previous season, we are expecting the series to come shorter, and spectators are not allowed to watch the games live. 

Along with these changes, betting games can also be done online. Do know that the NBA is one of the most popular sports betting games, and there are many online booties you can sign up to wager and win. Besides, you can expect huge prizes at stake, so it’s time to reload your betting account. 

One of the betting games you can wager in the upcoming NBA season in the MVP Award. It is given to a player who recorded the highest score and showed optimum strength for the entire season. To get you covered who you should bet for this award, let’s meet the top ten expert NBA picks which might be eligible for this award. 

Kawhi Leonard 

Kawhi Leonard surpassed Lebron James this season, who is also a multi-awarded NBA player. The “Klaw” is playing for the Los Angeles Clippers, who looks to team up with Paul George. Kawhi Leonard is looking to impart his championship experience from his previous career with the Raptors.

Lebron James 

After Leonard took over the top spot, Lebron James seemed to settle at the second rank for the best NBA player this season. However, the Lakers are red hot and King James is on his way to a historical NBA run. Look for Lebron to up his game once more as he has solid help in Rajon Rondo, Anthony Davis, and Danny Green, a teammate of Kawhi Leonard from the Toronto Raptors and San Antonio Spurs.

Giannis Antetokounmpo 

One of the NBA player’s goals is to step higher and higher each year, and Giannis Antetokounmpo is radiating that objective. He plays for the Milwaukee Bucks, which is one of the reasons why his team is on top of the rankings today. Giannis has the same build with Durant but is more athletic and faster. He was also the candidate for MVP last season.

James Harden 

One of the toughest NBA defenders this season is James Harden. He plays for the Houston Rockets taking the guard position and has been prolific in the team’s scoring. Harden doesn’t mind whoever is in front of him, that’s why he’s the best offensive player in town. Now that Russel Westbrook is with him, they form one of the most lethal backcourt in today’s NBA landscape,

Anthony Davis 

Anthony Davis is stronger than ever and is reminding everyone why he’s a superstar. Along with Lebron James in the LA Lakers, look for AD to continue his strong play. This player had a tough ride as he played with New Orleans as he only had Jrue Holiday as backup. After being traded to the Lakers, Davis is now taking the 5th rank for the best basketball player in the league. 

Stephen Curry 

Stephen Curry takes the 6th spot for the current NBA player ranking. He is playing for the Golden State Warriors and considered right away as one of the emerging players. Although his ranking this time is not great due to injuries, he can still hustle for the MVP award if he plays great in the upcoming playoffs season. 

Joel Embiid 

The Philadelphia 76ers have the best center player in the league, which is Joel Embiid. He is one of the reasons the 76ers were able to head on to the playoffs last season. Also, he was nominated last season as one of the MVPs. This player has been very dominant in his position and might showcase an excellent play in the upcoming NBA games. 

Russell Westbrook 

Aside from James Harden, Houston Rockets have Russel Westbrook, who was one of the most struggling players last season. Although most of the NBA fans are seeing his records not convincing, he is one of the consistent players that improves daily. 

Paul George 

Paul George was an NBA-All Defensive First team who reached his career-high season last year with Oklahoma City. This year, he is joining Leonard in the Los Angeles Clippers, where he is considered third in the MVP voting. Considering his high achievements last season, George can work with Leonard to possibly clinch the NBA title this year. 

Damian Lillard 

Damian Lillard is one of the most underrated NBA all star players today but takes the final rank for the best performer this season. Dolla Dame is known for his awesome clutch plays. When it comes to crunch time, you know it’s Dame time. He is playing for the Portland Trailblazers along with CJ McCollum and Hassan Whiteside. 


In less than a month, the 2019-20 NBA season will push through, starting with the playoffs edition. With this, we can expect more heightened and intensified match-ups after it got suspended last March. Therefore, if you are one of the avid NBA fans whose longing to watch the upcoming basketball games at the same time take part in betting, don’t forget to wager for the top players above to get the best out of your NBA experience.

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