2020 Preakness Stakes Horse Racing Betting Trends

The Preakness Stakes, which is the middle segment of the U.S. Triple Crown Series, will take place on October 3, 2020. However, this year is special as it will conclude the Triple Crown, with the Belmont Stakes and Kentucky Derby preceding the event in June and September, respectively. 

Since the Preakness Stakes will close this year’s season, it will also determine the horse deserving to win the title. Remember that a racehorse must accomplish the three racing shows to get the Triple Crown title. The most exciting part this season is the three-year-old colts competing in the dirt track. 

Therefore, as the horses vie for their Triple Crown title, the Preakness Stakes will surely give an entertaining and exhilarating show. In line with that, the betting games will stir-up every fan to gamble and win big. That said, here are the Preakness Stakes betting trends you can use to your advantage and win big. 

Look For The Belmont Winners 

As mentioned, the Belmont Stakes will first take place this year to launch the Triple Crown series. During this event, you will see the best racehorses on the field in their best forms to win the crown. Using this, you can determine the horses that might become part of the Preakness Stakes odds, and ultimately, end their Triple Crown journey with a title to their name. 

As you consider the winning bet to wager on in the upcoming Preakness Stakes, don’t forget to consider the Belmont winners. Remember that the Belmont Stakes has the longest running-distance, with Preakness Stakes being its opposite. As such, if the Belmont Stakes winner can accomplish a race with a longer distance, it will find the Preakness Stakes achievable. 

Consider Derby Superstars 

With the shuffling of the race order, the Kentucky Derby will now take the second segment of this racing show. The majority of the horses who took part in the Belmont Stakes will head on to the Derby. However, fans can also expect new horses that didn’t run in Belmont to join the Kentucky Derby. This year, the Derby will allow a maximum of twenty horses to compete inside the racetrack. 

When looking for a Preakness Stakes bet, a Derby winner can also be an excellent entry. Do understand that a Belmont winner does not automatically win the Derby as it is anyone’s game. Since the Derby takes place before the Preakness Stakes, the horses who emerged victorious in this event might deserve your bets. 

Non-Derby/Belmont Entry 

Aside from the Belmont Stakes and Kentucky Derby finishers, some horses compete only in the Preakness Stakes. Last year, Preakness superstar War of Will didn’t partake in the Derby but still managed to outlast the most reliable horses on the field. The colt showed an incredible speed at Pimlico Park, snatching the victory from those who joined the previous races. 

With the Preakness Stakes taking the last leg for this year’s Triple Crown, you can expect new entries who didn’t saddle up in either the Derby or Belmont. These horses usually come in their best skills and are ready to beat popular Preakness entries. Make sure to take a closer look at their skills to determine whether they’re a deserving bet. 

The Sire Matters 

For many years, most Preakness Stakes winners come from families who also achieved the same prestige in the past. Since 2010, nine Preakness winners were foals of horses who earned Triple Crown achievements, including the Preakness Stakes. When building your betting strategy, don’t forget to look into the horse’s line. 

You can look up a horse’s racing form if you can hardly identify the sire or family of the Preakness Stakes contender. These forms come with the horse’s most detailed information, including their family background and their latest achievements, earnings, jockeys, trainers, etc. 

Wager On Exotic Bets 

The betting categories in the Triple Crown Series come in two major categories: straight and exotic bets. The straight bets are the simplest form of horse racing gambling games that you can safely play when the competition is tough. On the other hand, exotic bets are far more challenging since it requires an expert eye when picking a deserving winner. 

With the Preakness Stakes taking the last segment, you can choose to wager exotic bets. Knowing the horses who made the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes, you can risk betting on them in this category to earn substantially. These horses are more determined to win the Preakness Stakes and Triple Crown titles. Thus, if you bet for them in the exotic category, you might hit the bullseye. 


Four months from now, the Preakness Stakes will settle at Pimlico Park, culminating this year’s Triple Crown Series. Both fans and bettors can expect an exciting horse racing showdown and betting games. When looking for a deserving Preakness Stakes bet, the trends listed above should help you effortlessly take the cake.