Top 10 Useful Tips for Any Traveler


Using the internet can be incredibly tough when you are travelling. Not only do you have to find a connection that is reliable, but you also need to be able to ensure that none of your files are infected when travelling, and neither is your privacy endangered in any way. This may seem like a daunting task, but there advanced tools that can help you accomplish the aforementioned.

We will take you through 10 things that you can do in order to make sure your internet connectivity is safe, and your online presence is anonymous when you are travelling. We will also tell you about general tips which can help you save time at the airport, and find places to stay which are cheap!

Protect your Privacy

A Virtual Private Network will allow you to access the internet without having any trouble in terms of someone being able to spy on you. There are tons of VPNs in the market, but Private Internet Access has all the features which make it optimal for when you are travelling. reviewed Private Internet Access and you can take a look at it to see whether or not it suits your needs.

Access Geo-Blocked services like Netflix

Netflix localizes its content based on your location. If you want to access the same Netflix that you have in your house, you can use a VPN as mentioned above to spoof your location and trick the servers into thinking that you are still connected from your home. Here is a list of best VPNs for Netflix if using Netflix is the main reason for purchasing a VPN.

Find cheap Places to Stay

Staying at a hotel is so 2005, isn’t it? If you are looking for a cheap place to stay at, you can use AirBnB to find homes where you can stay at. There are over 81,000 cities for you to choose from, and numerous other features such as reviews and pictures so that you can select the right place for you.

Avoid Public WiFi

Public WiFi has a lot of security threats which you may not be aware of. It is best to avoid using public WiFi as much as possible when travelling (stay to 4G if you can). However, remember that using a VPN can protect you from almost all of the threats that go along with unprotected networks. If you couple your VPN with gooz Anti-Virus software, then you should be fine.

Use Anti-Virus Software

Anti-Virus software is very important if you plan to use public WiFi. There are numerous threats such as malware which can infect your PC, and you can avoid them if you use software like Avira. Avira is free for you to use, but we recommend purchasing a license as that gives you numerous extra security features.

Find Cheap Flights

Remember that there are numerous different websites  that show you how to find cheap flights. You can use a website like Make My Trip to see when you can get a flight that would save you a fair bit of money. Better yet, use multiple websites like Make My Trip and compare the fares for all of them to get the absolute cheapest rate.

Buy Travel Insurance

No one believes something bad is going to happen to them until it does. If you want to make sure that one mistake does not end up wiping out your entire savings, then it is best to purchase travel insurance. Contact your local insurance broker to set up a fund for when you are travelling.

Make Copies of Important Documents

This is another thing that people do not seem to realize could happen to them until it does. The worst feeling is when your plans have to be cancelled because you lost an important document. For this reason, it is best to bring a copy since many airports will allow you to travel as long as you have copies of your passport and your photo.

Move through Airport lines quicker

There is an easy way to avoid all of the delays that go along with airport security protocol. If you see people who are dressed like businessmen, it is a good practice to get behind them. They are usually quite adept at all of the security protocols since they have been through airports hundreds of times before and will help save you time.

Use Uber as opposed to a Taxi

Remember that a lot of the local taxi drivers often overcharge travellers since the travellers are not aware of the precise fares. In places where there are automated taxi systems, this is not a problem. Otherwise, it is best to use Uber since it will probably save you some money (in some places Uber is cheaper than a taxi, fraud or no fraud).

We just took you through 10 different tips that you need to follow whenever you travel. Make sure to always take care of your things and have the appropriate security for yourself. Whether it is physical security, or digital.


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