Top 3 Cheap Steamboat and BBQ Buffet in Johor Bahru Under RM50 (Malaysia)


There’s no denying that good food does bring everyone together. Eating together at the same table strengthens the connection so that everyone can stay in touch with their loved ones.

This essential social agent is always a natural fit for everyone to come together. No matter what food choice is made, food is relatively powerful because it evokes emotions and relationships in the diner. Its deliciousness and aroma can even help start a conversation!

To make your party more memorable and fun, I will recommend some BBQ and Steamboat spots worth going to. To your surprise, these recommended all-you-can-eat BBQ and hot pot restaurants are also priced below RM50 per pax!

1.Guo Ma Steamboat

Are you looking for an economical steamboat meal in Johor Bahru The Guo Ma Steamboat is located in Taman Mount Austin. The steamboat Guo Ma offers a variety of fresh ingredients, including pork, chicken and beef. This is an attractive selling point for foodies with large stomachs.

To prevent food waste, customers are limited to a 2-hour dining experience. Unfinished food will be added to your bill.

Guo Ma Steamboat offers two soup bases to its customers: Mala soup for spicy lovers and chicken soup. Chicken soup is for those who don’t like spicy. Don’t forget to pick some beef, pork, and mutton slices while you are there. The freshness and sweetness of the meat slices can be tasted when they are steamed.

2.PolkaDot Buffet Grill & Steamboat Muar

The PolkaDot Buffet Steamboat& Grill Muar is a great place to enjoy a steamboat or grill while you’re in Johor Bahru. PolkaDot Buffet Steamboat & Grill combines steamboat and grill restaurant to provide 100% halal food.

PolkaDot Buffet steamboat& Grill Muar may not look as fancy as the typical all-you-can-eat restaurant. Their wide range of food ingredients may surprise you. They keep all their ingredients fresh in a displaying fridge and will change them after three days to preserve the freshness.

PolkaDot Buffet Grill Muar’s large selection of seafood is what makes them so popular. You will find a variety of fresh seafood on the rack as you enter the restaurant. These are great for the steamboat. There are many seafood options, including shrimps, crabs and clams as well as fish, lala, squid, and fish. These seafood are also fresh from the Muar Jetty every day.

PolkaDot Buffet Steamboat& Grill Muar offers both clear soup base as well as tomyam soup bases. Each soup base can be refilled at no cost. Clear broth isn’t too savory and makes a great pairing with seafood. The natural sweetness of the seafood is not affected by the broth. The tomyam broth is also not too spicy or sour so it can be enjoyed by those who don’t like spicy food.

It is always packed with people of all races, especially during peak hours. To ensure that there are seats available, call ahead if you plan to visit this restaurant.

3.Myeong Dong Barbecue

Are you looking for the best Korean food? Myeong Dong BBQ will make your visit totally worthwhile.

The Korean BBQ restaurant was opened by pure Koreans. It serves Korean barbecue at a very reasonable price. A meal for two adults costs RM22, while a child’s meal costs RM12. This is the cheapest BBQ buffet around. This is why Myeong Dong BBQ gets so crowded during peak hours.

You can find a variety of fresh, well-seasoned, and well-marinated ingredients to make a BBQ buffet. You will be satisfied with the tender, juicy grilled chicken or pork regardless of which ingredient you choose.

You should also try some of the appetizers offered by restaurants, including pickled cucumbers and pickled scallion. These appetizers are spicy and sour with a kick that may keep you coming back for more.

It is recommended that you try the Kimchi soup. This will go well with the springy ramen served at the buffet table. You will be able to tell the difference by tasting authentic Korean kimchi soup. The fatty pork meat is a great pairing for this soup, which is a staple Korean dish.

The soup will have a creamy texture because the pork’s saturated fats will melt into it. You can also add generous food ingredients such as dried tofu slices or shitake mushrooms, brown, green, and kimchis, and even green onion slices. This soup is comforting and delicious, especially on a cold day.

Myeong Dong barbecue also offers a complimentary ice cream. It comes in a variety of flavors. These ice creams will refresh your palate after a Korean buffet meal. You can even choose from a variety of flavors.

Stop by this restaurant to try the best and cheapest Korean cuisine in town.

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