Top 5 Gambling Movies on Netflix

On this page below you will find TOP gambling movies on Netflix that must be watched by every entertainment fan. At the same time, these movies about the casino and popular card games can be the same interesting for everybody even if the person doesn’t spend time spinning the reels. Read the short description of the best films about gambling and poker to choose one for this evening or even watch all of them. Maybe after that, you will also finish the simple registration via the online casino and make your first bets in the TOP rated slots. Also, don’t forget about the betting that is also available via the same websites as the slots and card games.

Want to know more about gambling? Watch Netflix!

Casino Royale

This is one of the must-watch films even, and it will be really difficult to find someone who never has heard about it. The main theme here is not slots but popular card games. For sure now we can see how illegal gambling crackdowns in the United States as write but there are too many good films about this theme and this is one of them. The poker movies on Netflix like this will tell you the story about the new James Bond mission where he will also need to play some high-stakes poker game.

Mississippi Grind

In the list of the most exciting Netflix movies also can be founded the Mississippi Grind where the viewer will see how two individuals will travel all around the country playing in different casinos. During the film there are will be many famous places and unexpected situations that make it even more interesting. The main goal of the main character’s trip is to get massive prizes every game.

Win It All

Maybe you already watched this gambling film but if not then find it in the Netflix catalog right now. The main character here is a mentally unstable gambler (Eddie) who has a really massive amount of cash. But after some really bad situation, he lost all the money and try to recoup it with the help of the sponsor. And because of his advice, Eddie chose to play a fifteen-thousand-dollar casino game. The result that you will see in the movie.


This is the forever TOP rated gambling movie in the Netflix catalog. Here you will know about the different high-rollers who spend a lot of time in casino playing their favorite slots and table games. For sure there is no information about live crypto betting but it’s really the best choice for those who want to learn about the different places and the operational processes there.

The Gambler

One more interesting Netflix movie where the main character really hopes to pay off all the debts with gambling. For sure that’s can be not the best decision but it’s really interesting to watch him trying to understand why this really smart professor made so many mistakes.


As you can see there are plenty of quality films about casino gambling that can be interesting for all Netflix clients. . Maybe it’s you who will be the second Archie Karas and you can turn $50 into $40 million as from the article. For sure that’s only a few of all the options from the catalog but that’s really the best choice to learn more about this sphere and to understand if there is any reason to try your luck in online gambling. All you need to start is to finish some simple registration via the chosen website, deposit with any of the available payment methods, and start to play the best games online.