Top 7 Online Casino Trends in the UK

The UK online casino industry has always been ahead of the game when it comes to utilising the latest technology. Software providers and gambling operators are constantly looking for ways to drive growth and stay ahead of the competition.

One of the reasons why the UK is one of the busiest and most highly respected regulated markets in the iGaming industry is the ability to adapt and mobilise change. In this article, we’ll look at seven of the top trends in the UK that UK online casinos are making use of to meet demand, push boundaries and introduce players to a new generation of gaming.

1. Mobile Apps

Almost all online casinos in the UK have their own mobile casino app or mobile compatible platform, which allow users to enjoy casino games on the move. As new technology is released onto the mobile market, including hardware and software, operators are able to update their apps and online casino sites to adapt.

Over the past two years, mobile usage has not only surpassed desktop usage in the UK, but has dwarfed it. Apps are more convenient and now pack in a huge amount of games and features without taking up much storage space on iOS and Android handsets.

2. Cryptocurrency Gambling

Despite a lack of retail options for cryptocurrency in the UK, the online gambling industry is booming with digital coin usage on the best online casino games with payments made by the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Crypto can be used to make deposits and withdrawals at gambling sites, along with play games directly at some online casinos with bets being placed in BTC and other coins.

In fact, online casino site operators are introducing cryptocurrency gaming at a faster rate than ever before to keep up with demand and popularity. It is estimated that around a third of UK citizens now own cryptocurrency and are able to gamble online, including playing casino games and betting on sports. For more related information, please refer to the best online casino guide by Emily Campbell from CiteUlike.

3. VR and AR Casinos

Although virtual reality has experienced slow growth over the last decade, it has been consistent at UK casino site platforms. VR and AR technology is being introduced and tested at online casinos as a way of offering a more immersive experience from classic casino table games.

Additionally, these avenues provide unrivalled opportunities to engage with the operator in a way that no other technology can. As a member of a VR or AR casino, players will be able to feel as if they are physically present in the premises – browsing the casino floor, watching table games and interacting with other users.

4. Enhanced Gaming

When you look back over the past twenty years, it’s clear to see how much the real money online casino and gambling landscape has changed. The evolution of the industry and introduction of sophisticated technology to the best UK casino sites has brought about an enhanced gaming era that offers more excitement, more thrills, more intensity, more online casino bonuses and more engagement.

The message is clear, older traditional casino games just don’t cut it any more in online gaming. Enhanced gaming is a trend that is continuously on the incline with enhanced prizes, more ways to win, bumper casino bonuses and a new generation of games, such as live casino games shows. What’s more, operators are introducing celebrities as online casino game hosts, such as Vinnie Jones – a British actor, presenter, and former professional footballer that is well known in the responsible gambling scene.

5. Social Gaming

Since the beginning of social media, there has been a sharp rise in the number of social gaming platforms and apps on the market offering online casino players an alternative to the mainstream network. These platforms and apps provide an almost parallel experience to many iGaming interfaces with all the usual features, including an online casino account, online casino bonus offers and readily available online games with a twist.

Users can play UK online casino games like online slots and roulette with virtual currency at some of the best online casinos, instead of real money, whilst winning real prizes in the process. The demand for these games at most online casinos has increased substantially as they offer the same great experience without any financial commitment. Your favourite casino games, slot games, table games and instant wins are all readily available on social gaming platforms.

6. Smartwatch Gambling

One unsurprising trend in the UK this year is the increase in the number of people gambling on their smartwatches at top casinos online in the UK, such as Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Apple Watch SE, Fitbit Versa 3.

These wearable technology devices provide an outlet for playing games and placing bets without the need for a handheld device. At the most popular online casinos and leading internet casino UK players are able to utilise apps for smartwatches. Something which has been on the cards for almost ten years and is now starting to come to fruition with many online casino sites UK and software providers on board.

7. Must-Pay Jackpots from the Best Online Slots Sites

Progressive jackpots at UK online casino sites with a lifespan that UK players can easily understand are all the rage in modern online gambling. Gone are the days of waiting months or years to see a progressive jackpot land. Modern players want tangible prizes that are accessible and within reaching distance.

Excellent online casino site operators are working with software providers such as Red Tiger, Playson and Pragmatic Play to offer customers the chance of landing jackpots every hour and every day. The best part is that online casino offers are still eligible to be used on jackpot slots and games are regulated by the UK gambling commission for fairness and legality.

Conclusion – Wrapping Up Tech at the Best UK Online Casinos

It’s fair to say that the online casino UK industry will never stop evolving. Operators and software providers will continue to push the boundaries of the latest technology, especially the top online casinos that dominate the market. As fast as the software giants introduce new tech, so too do the developers behind the gambling industry’s leading brands.

Furthermore, whether you are a fan of online slots sites or live dealer casino games, it’s fascinating to see and experience an age where online casino play is fun thanks to the highest standards of technology available. It also brings about the many possibilities for casino players new and old to enjoy. We can use current trends and analysis from the best online casino sites to predict what technology may be available in the future. AI casino games, heart-monitoring algorithms, self-playing games? Who knows what the future of online gambling technology will bring?