Top Reasons to Travel Across Canada By Train


Canada is a beautiful country with a staggering diversity of geography, which lures travelers from all over the world. Train journeys across Canada are multi-day adventures, providing an excellent opportunity to experience and appreciate the diverse scenery, majestic landscape, and picturesque views, enjoy delectable meals and meet new and interesting people.

Taking the train across Canada can be a comfortable, relaxing, exciting, and surreal experience. Reasons to opt for train journeys across Canada-

1. An excellent opportunity to enjoy the stunning Landscape:

A trip by train across Canadais a great way to soak in the spectacular and ever-changing landscape — jagged mountains, green forests, wildlife, waterfalls, prairies, glaciers, snow-clad trees — from the comfort and safety of the carriage car seat or the observation decks. The traveler can travel through 5 different time zones and experience it all through this once-in-lifetime opportunity. One can sleep in a certain time zone and wake up to view a completely different landscape.

2. Great way to relax and unwind while enjoying the unbelievable on-board services

Alongside the undulating landscape, on-board activities – wine tasting and beer tasting, live music events, and food tasting events make the Canadian rail trips even more memorable. Sleeping on trains can be a magical experience as the train’s rhythmic motions put the passenger to sleep in a cozy sleeping compartment. The exceptional staff members take care of all the passengers’ needs from preparing and serving exquisite meals including tea/coffee and snacks to alerting and notifying them about the itinerary, highlighting landmarks and sharing information about historic events and local tales.

3. Flexibility and freedom to do anything

Train trips across Canadagive full freedom to the passenger to do anything. One can enjoy the view through glass-domed carriages/windows, read magazines/newspapers/books, take a nap, and walk through the cars or chit-chat with fellow passengers. Thus, one can take a much-needed break away from the monotonous routine of daily life and alleviate stress. Beautiful views can be a great way to inspire conversations.

4. Opportunity to slow down and appreciate the beauty of life

Road trips can be uncomfortable and tiring, and one can miss the opportunity to soak in the scenic beauty on the plane rides. Train travel ensures that one doesn’t miss the jaw-dropping scenic beauty. A train trip across Canadawithout any hectic itinerary that stretches over a few days can evoke a romantic or nostalgic emotion and remind one of simpler times. Travelling by train across Canada can be a great way to converse with new people or strengthen the bond among family members or friends. Train travels are all about calm, long, and leisurely journeys to satisfy the mind and soul.

5. Comparatively an eco-friendly mode of travel

Apart from the overall experience being exhilarating, travelling by train across Canada means opting for a travel mode that results in lower carbon footprints as compared to other modes of transport.

Thus, Canada cross country trains provide a unique opportunity to go through and appreciate Canada’s mesmerizing beauty and enchanting culture and history.


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