Top Tech Gifts for Athletes in Your Family


Athletes are some of the hardest people to shop for—but the reality is that you can never go wrong with tech gifts. The following are gift ideas for your winning, fitness, and competition obsessed, spandex wearing, macro-counting friend or family member.

1. Hyperice hypersphere vibrating ball

Foam rolling on a therapy ball after taking part in an exhausting workout session is a great way to prevent injuries. The traditional foam roller functions by using the weight of your body to loosen overworked or sore muscles. This particular ball comes with an option of three different vibrating speeds. The speeds help to magnify the effect of the ball as well as simplify the whole process.

2. Wireless sport headphones

Nothing simplifies a workout session than great music. The workout can, however, become tricky when the headphone wires keep getting entangled in your arms or on the barbells. A set of in-ear wireless sport headphones can help solve this problem. They can be used to, run or even workout on various machines in the gym without becoming caught up.

3. Wilson customizable tennis racket

Wilson customizable tennis racket

Have you ever gone through tennis ball machine reviews and realized that different tennis players tend to have various combinations when it comes to their strengths? Well, a racket should help the tennis player to enhance and hone their playing abilities.

This particular racket makes it possible for the athlete to choose from different lengths, head sizes, and weights. There is also an option for the player to customize how the racket appears. Players get to choose their preferred frame colors, bumpers, grip sizes, as well as whether to have a personal engraving made on it.

4. Brooks running shoes

Professional runners are often quite picky when it comes to their running sneakers. However, the Brooks running shoes released earlier this year should appeal to all runners. It is a shoe designed to meet the needs of both beginner and professional runners. The shoe comes with a high-energy return midsole designed by Brook’s in-house engineers.

5. The Balance RunIQ running watch

If you are a professional runner looking for a watch that will do more than keep track of distance, pace, and time, then look no further than this watch from Balance. It is a watch meant for that runner or athlete who is looking to get more from their wrist watches.

The watch enables the runner to set their preferred pace and heart rates. With these records, you get to know whether you are performing below or above the goals that you set for the workout session.

What’s more, you can also listen to your favorite tunes through the wireless Bluetooth Earbud. This means that you no longer have to carry your smartphone when heading out for a run.

6. Banjees wrist wallet from Sprigs

It is proving extremely hard for one not to take their mobile phones with them these days. Tech designed for runners has come a long way since the mid-’90s. But despite the many advancements made on the tech front, you will find that most running gears do not have large enough pockets to hold the newer and bigger smartphones. This wrist wallet has been designed to help get rid of this problem. It is a wallet that can comfortably hold all your essential items when you are on the run.

7. Agility trainer and spinning balance board from Whirly

With a balance board, your friend, colleague, or family member gets a chance to work on their balance as you watch them flail about. In the end, everybody goes home happy. The purpose of this board is to develop the smaller tendons and muscles that help to keep the body balanced. This, therefore, makes it an ideal gift for any person interested in skating. However, it can still be used by any athlete interested in improving their equilibrium.

8. Wood mini parallettes set

One of the simplest and most effective strength training exercises that an athlete can perform is a push up. The parallettes provide a person with a wide range of motion and also helps one to keep their body off the ground. It also enables you to get rid of unwanted wrist pain.

While some of these tech gadgets are high-tech, others are quite simple to use. But then again, they all have a simple goal, to help the athlete perform better and improve their physique. It is what makes them the perfect gift for people in your life.



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