Traits of a Good Bellhop


Most luxury hotels employ bellhops who are ready to assist guests once they have checked into the hotel. The bellhop will be responsible for transporting luggage to the guests’ rooms. They also are available to answer basic questions that a guest might have. A valued bellhop will exhibit excellent customer service and will also be able to lift heavy objects. After guests check out of the hotel, the bellhop will carry the guests’ luggage to their car. They can also signal for a taxi if needed.

Let’s look at some other qualities that distinguish a good bellhop.

Being Knowledgeable About the Hotel and Guest Rooms

In order to answer guests’ questions, a good bellhop will know the amenities of the hotel, such as the location of onsite restaurants, fitness rooms and swimming pools. The bellhop will also be familiar with the layout of the guest rooms, in case the guest can’t find essentials like power outlets or hair dryers. A competent bellhop should be able to anticipate any potential issues that a guest may have.

Having a Positive Attitude

A bellhop should always smile and be positive. If guests are treated with respect, they will want to come back and stay at the hotel again. An attentive bellhop will go out of their way to be helpful.

Presenting a Professional Appearance

A qualified bellhop will make sure that their uniform is pressed and clean and their shoes are shined. Personal grooming is a must as well. The hair must be clean and neat. A good bellhop will stay in shape by exercising and eating healthy foods. Guests don’t want to see a bellhop struggling and straining with their luggage.

To assist the bellhop in handling the guests’ heavy luggage, most hotels utilize luggage carts. They can greatly reduce the strain and hassle caused by carrying heavy luggage. The carts are usually small vehicles that can be loaded with luggage and then pushed easily to their destination. Luggage carts come in a variety of configurations, but they are typically made with stainless steel and have a base of plywood. The carts have four wheels, two of which usually swivel, which can help greatly when trying to maneuver in tight spaces. Many luggage carts also include hooks for hanging clothes.

The bellhop is a huge reflection on the hotel. A professional and knowledgeable bellhop will give guests the confidence that the hotel will take good care of them. Respectable hotels will take the time and effort to train their bellhops well.

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