Traverse City to Legoland: Michigan Attractions


According to the world tourism report, in 2018, Michigan welcomed 125 million tourists and local visitors. Michigan is located in the upper western part of the United States and is known for its great water bodies and scenic attractions. Incoming tourists and visitors love spending and trotting the states of the US, which offer great hospitality services, amenities, and tourist attractions. If you are traveling to Michigan, you must not forget to plan out your eternity beforehand to shortlist the famous tourists and recreational spots. If you are on a short visit to Michigan, you must search for calm and cozy places near your hotels, where you can relax and feel the vibrant scenes around you.

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Michigan is among the most beautiful and hospitable states of the US. If you are visiting Detroit, Traverse, Grand Rapids, Warren, Sterling Heights, or any city of Michigan, you will find beautiful lakes, scenery, forests, and freeways, where you can spend quality time with your friends and family. However, Michigan isn’t limited to natural scenic landscapes; while roaming around the streets of Detroit, one could feel and enjoy the nightlife around them. Moreover, you can plan short city tours to the Springfields and suburb areas around the Traverse and Grand Rapids cities. Continue reading to find out about the most visited tourist attractions in Michigan.

Zoo of Detroit

Every land is recognized by its natural habitats and animals. Detroit Zoo is located in the north of Detroit city, 2 miles away via highway. It is surrounded by Royal Oak and Huntington Woods, giving a forest look to the parameter. The Detroit Zoo is among the most famous destinations for international tourists who love traveling with their children. On average, the Zoo has hosts about 1.5 million visitors annually, making it one of the ideal locations for tourists who love interacting with animals and observing their unique character and habitats. While touring the Zoo, one would come across 2,400 animals from 235 distinct species. If you are riding on a bus or traveling with a touring party, you can relish the refreshing snacks and juices on your way to the woods and spend a day interacting with natural species.

City Opera House, Traverse

The City Opera House is located in the heart of Traverse City, 106-112 Front Street. If you are visiting the Opera House during an event, you can experience the best performances from the national opera singers and performers. The red-bricked domed building is the center of attraction for many incoming tourists from Europe and Asia that love visiting historic architectural sites. The City Opera House has seating space for 710 guests, who must reserve their seats before every show to avoid the hassle. The streets near Opera House are crowded with roadside local food stalls selling authentic meals and cuisines during the night. The Opera House offers a great environment for wandering and taking pictures of the raised arch roofs, internal beams, and columns. Every weekend, performances are scheduled for guests and incoming tourists.

Hickory Hills Ski Area, Traverse

Hickory Hills Ski Area is located near 2000 Randolph St, attracting thousands of skiers and tourists during the winter season. The ski resort is a public facility expanded over 125 acres, offering a great area for professional and amateur skiers. While visiting the tracks, tourists can spend a night or two in traditional lodges from the 19th century and feel the chilly breeze around them. The sharp ski slopes and natural vegetation are covered in thick snow during extreme winters. Tourists can wander around the resort, taking aesthetic portraits and making memories with their friends and families. It’s recommended to carry jumpers and leather jackets during late December to sustain cold temperatures during uncertain snowy conditions.

LEGOLAND Discovery Center, Auburn Hills

Every child loves to be surrounded by a new and engaging atmosphere every day. Tourists can accompany their children to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center, which is equipped with the state of the art facilities and objects. The entire facilities cater to children aged 3-10 who love playing with blocks and experiencing theme-based rides and games. Colorful play areas and workshops always catch children’s eyes, who love to play with physical objects and discover the engineer in them. The discovery center features many Lego characters in 3D, with whom you can take pictures and make childish memories. One-time entry ticket’s price is around $25.63, subject to the age group and activity.

LEGOLAND Discovery Center, Auburn Hills

Grand Rapids City

While visiting Michigan, tourists must always plan a short tour of the Grand Rapids, home to a scenic garden, iconic sculptures, breweries, and historical museums. In Grand Rapids, one could visit the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum, offering the best insights about the presidential protocol and standards. If you love visiting breweries and cider factories Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery is the best location for European tourists who love tasting authentic and freshly brewed wine flavors. Moreover, you can visit John Ball Zoo with your children and family and spend a day carrying snacks and backpacks. During the night hours, one can visit the top spots for gambling, clubbing, and experiencing the authentic meals of the city. The city hosts more than 100 public spots for musical events and street shows, which are crowded during the late-night hours.


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