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On the contrary to older times where hairless face of men was considered more charismatic and professional, today, bushy hair both on the face and head is the trend that every man prefers for a charming appearance. However, it is not always easy to grow a bushy hair as not every man has a strong follicles of hairs.

Gladly, the advanced Hair transplant Turkey methods are applicable for both hair and facial hair; hair transplant procedures are able to provide amazing results that fit the best to the individual and the expectations. Along with Gastric Sleeve Turkey, plastic procedures and Turkey Implant, hair transplant procedures are also becoming increasingly popular.

Reasons of Hair loss

Hair loss or patchy hair can be resulted by many different factors. For some people, the weakness of the follicles can be genetic; this can result in sparseness on the hair or a patchy look that prevents the bushy look.

Hair loss can also be caused by physical traumas; the scar tissues that occurs around the hair area can result bald spots on the hair and thus can disrupt the full and dense look.

For achieving fuller and more aesthetic hair, herbal oils, lotions or vitamins are the most common treatment ways due to the easy application, accessible feature and the low costs of them; however, these are usually not effective on giving satisfactory or permanent results.

Hair Transplant Prices

Hair Transplant Prices

Hair transplant Turkey is a very easy, successful and affordable medical process.

Turkey’s advantageous location that is accessible from many countries around the world, well-functioning travel channels, high number of touristic attractions, lovely weather in all seasons and the very affordable facilities allow patients to have a cheap and quality treatment experience that feel more like a holiday. As the expertise level of Turkey hair transplant practitioners are quite high as well, patients prefer Turkey for the best hair transplant results that is combined with a luxury and affordable holiday experience.

Advantages of Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair Transplant Turkey is a quite smooth and painless operation that benefits from the advanced hair transplant techniques like FUE Hair Transplant Turkey.

FUE technique allows patients to have a very convenient procedure for fuller and more aesthetic hair; hair transplant gives completely permanent results thanks to the most successful techniques. The transplanted follicles stay there lifelong and keep their strong structure they had in their original location (usually they are taken from the back of the head). The procedure does not involve any stitches or skin extraction; in the donor and recipient areas, no scar tissue leaves after the procedure which is a very important advantage of the technique as the hair area is a quite visible part of the body.

Hair transplant can be fully customized; the FUE procedure can be adjusted for the patient’s needs and expectations in terms of the hair line and the level of density. This provide the most accurate and desired results that are suitable for the unique condition of the patients.

Hair Transplant Cost

Hair transplant cost can be defined in different concepts in different medical centers; while some medical centers defines the cost in accordance to the number of the grafts involved in the treatment plan to provide patients with the most successful results, others sets the prices in package concept and does not change the prices in accordance to the number of the grafts.

Clinic Mono in Turkey provides patients with the maximum number of the grafts for a fixed package price that covers all the details like accommodation, VIP transfers, necessary lotions, checkups and personal assistance. By setting hair transplant Turkey prices in a package concept, Clinic Mono provides the best cost and also the most convenient treatment journeys. Most of the hair transplant patients describe their treatment journey like a nice holiday.

Hair Transplant Recovery

Hair transplant procedure is only minimally invasive and does not involve any cutting or stitches; this allows patients to have a very comfortable and quick recovery period.

During the recovery period of Hair Transplant Turkey procedure, patients should use the prescribed lotions and follow the instructions of the hair transplant specialists for a healthy recovery period.

After hair transplant, patients can get back to the daily routine in the same day; smoking and alcohol is not recommended during the early recovery period as they may prolong and negatively affect the healing. There can be minimal crusts in the transplant area; these should not be picked as they will disappear by themselves within a short period of time. Mild bruises and swelling on the donor and recipient area is quite natural and will disappear quickly.

Shock loss is an expected and normal phase of hair transplant procedure’s recovery; within 2-3 months after the operation the transplanted follicles can fall. This should not be alarm patients as the fallen follicles will grow back again once the roots have settled in their new places. Shock loss does not occur to anybody who had hair transplant.

Techniques of Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair Transplant Turkey procedures use the FUE technique for achieving the best results as the FUE is the most developed hair restoration technique for those looking for the best permanent results.

While it is possible to perform hair transplant procedure with all hair transplant techniques, the most preferred and successful technique for this procedure is the latest technique of FUE; the scar-less feature of the technique allows it to be suitable for the facial hair transplants as the face is the most prominent part of the body.

Hair Transplant Turkey uses the latest medical devices; in Clinic Mono, hair transplant, FUE Hair Transplant, and other hair transplantation techniques are performed successfully by the most talented and experienced medical professionals.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Clinic Mono for further information about the hair transplant Turkey procedures, prices, advantages and to get a personalized treatment plan for the most individualized and accurate results of hair transplant Turkey.

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