Tune Up Your Home For Holiday Guests


With the holidays here, now’s the time to start thinking about dinners with family, evenings entertaining friends and relaxing beside a warm fire at the end of a fun day. But, wait – aren’t you forgetting something? Yes, it’s that dreaded to-do list of house maintenance you promised yourself you’d get to before the holidays arrived.

Have no fear – there’s still time. Whether you need to specify flat washers from a certified manufacturer to fix up that loose staircase banister or you want to replace some outdated light fixtures before guests arrive, now’s the time to do it. Below are some tips to help tamp down the holiday stress of home maintenance:

Repair Professionals May Be In Short Supply

Right off the bat, it’s important to remember that repair professionals and home maintenance experts are likely to be very busy around the holidays, so you may not be able to have someone come out to fix a sagging gutter or a leaky faucet. The good news is that most of these jobs can be done on your own with a little know-how. In fact, if you contact the manufacturer of various fixtures around your home, you can probably receive some helpful tutorial information in the form of websites and videos. These resources can be used to get the job done yourself while saving money.

Don’t Overdo It

Of course, home maintenance isn’t the only thing on your mind this time of year. Instead of worrying about nuts, zinc flat washers, bolts, USS flat washers and other home hardware, you’ve got holiday parties to plan and attend, travel arrangements to make and more. While it would be great to have everything on your list checked off before a big holiday gathering, don’t push yourself too hard. You have enough on your plate as it is without worrying about picking up HDG flat washers or SAE flat washers for a repair job. Give yourself some time to celebrate instead of stress.

Don’t Plan Big Jobs

While you may have large home improvement, maintenance and repair projects on your list, now is not the time for big jobs unless you can help it. As mentioned above, contractors are in short supply around the holidays, meaning if a DIY project goes sideways, help may not be available immediately. Instead, try to prioritize small jobs that can be done relatively quickly with a little bit of hard work. If a job is a priority, then it doesn’t matter how big or small it is since it absolutely has to get done. If possible, however, save the big stuff for after the holidays when you have more mental focus and less holiday stress.

Prioritize Safety Projects

If you’re faced with a lot of things to get done and little time to work with, focus on safety issues first. This is not only important to protect yourself and your home, but it’s doubly important if you’re hosting family and friends for holiday gatherings. No one wants to be the person who is remembered for the Christmas party where aunt Ida broke a leg because of a loose step in the porch staircase. Consider looking around for tripping hazards, but also take a look at your electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems. These are where you’re more likely to face danger.

If possible, have a safety inspection performed after you complete any sensitive work. Once again, this may be challenging given stressed schedules, but it will give you peace of mind and will go a long way in ensuring everyone enjoys a safe, happy holiday season.


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