Types of disposable vapes

Most vapers would want to enjoy their nicotine simply and favorably. Disposables are quite easy to use and no price tag penalty for their convenience. These are auto draw devices that require no filling. Disposable vapes have become a viable alternative to vape pods due to their convenience, their wicking, and e-juice flavors. The innovation in vape modes has made the industry very competitive with preference edging toward potent e-juice and smaller clouds.

Following are some of the flavors of disposable vapes:

Zaero disposable vapes

This is a customizable e-cigarette that allows you to choose your preferred nicotine level. With the amount of nicotine disposable vapes going down, Zaero is by far the best option that will give you the flexibility to choose from many. Each Zaero vape contains 1.8ml of the vape juice and is perfect for a minimum of 200 puffs. The number will of course depend on how long you inhale the puffs. Zaero comes in a variety of flavors; banana, menthol, Blue Raspberry, lemonade, chocolate, and such. The vape allows flexibility of a disposable pod kit while maintaining the convenience of a disposable vape. Available also is the nicotine-free Zaero disposable vape and this comes in 1.8, 3, and 5% nic strength. These are nic salt formulas that are smooth and flavored.

Puff bar disposable

Most puff bar flavors are very rare but for the alternatives, there are many options for the adult vapers. What made the puff bar so popular is the way it is flavored and the convenience. Others have this but the puff bar disposable is above the competition. The flavor mix brings about the complexity and balance that adult vapers love. Each disposable bar holds 1.3ml of nic salt juice and this is available in 2.5 and percent nicotine strengths.

Sea air disposable

Are you looking for a long-lasting disposable vape? This is it. The sea air is powered by a 450Ah battery and 2.6ml and 5 percent of nic juice. Despite this capacity, it is compact and easy to carry. It is an inch deep card-style vape inspired by Suorin air. Its performance is incomparable to any other and the flavors are crystal clear. The sea air disposable is available in eight flavors; mango, orange soda mint, peach ice, pineapple, strawberry watermelon, and red apple sea air.

Myle mini

This is a diminutive disposal vape which resembles the Mojo and Stig. However, you can’t judge it by the size, it delivers a full-throated flavor and the vaping satisfaction is just like the modern e-cig. Myle mini is shaped for discrete usage and comes with a heavy mint lineup; iced watermelon, iced Quadberry, iced mint, and mango. The flavors are perfect in delivering impressive nuances and balance. These are sold in packs of two and each is an equivalent of a pack of cigars.

Myle slim

This is a newer version of the disposable vape scene and quite an innovative design. Of all the disposables, this is the only one that allows you to check the level of e-juice using a transparent juice pod. The quality of Myle slim is tremendous and delivers more than convenience. It relies on the great flavors to give a great vapor production and the clarity of every hit is superior.

Disposable vapes come in different flavors and a variety of features. When choosing one, you must ensure that you buy from the right dealer and that it is the right quality. Using the original disposable vape gives you an excellent experience and thus value for money.