Unusual Must-Try Activities for Your Next Outing with Friends


Sure, getting together with friends is exciting and fun all on its own, but sometimes it gets a bit dull and predictable going to the same night club, restaurants, pubs, and hangouts! That’s not to say you want to stop visiting them all together, but why not spice things up and try some other activities with your friends too?

Now, before you jump to the inevitable question of “what should we do”, we’ve gone ahead and put together a list of fun, and maybe a bit unusual, activities that you could add to your list. So, let’s just right in!

Visit an Escape Room

Escape rooms have easily become one of the hottest trends for group outings. Not only are they unusual, but they force everyone to work together as a team, and create a real bond in the group. Escape rooms are typically a themed room where a group of people must work together to find and then solve clues that will allow them to escape from the room before time runs out.

Take, for example,PuzzleWorks, MN, which is an escape room provider that allows you to set up private bookings for groups of five or more. That means you and your friends could have a room all to yourselves. Themed rooms include The Hospital, The Vault, and Loose Sleuth.

The experience builds quite a bit of excitement and adrenaline and is sure to provide you and your friends with plenty to talk and laugh about after.

Book a Local Tour

Another idea is to take some time to act like a tourist in your own city or town. It’s amazing how long you can live in one place and still not know much about it. Booking a guided local tour, or even a themed tour, is a great way to discover some hidden gems in your own backyard. This can also be a recurring activity that you and your friends do once a month, or a few times a year.

Attend a Class Together

It’s always great to learn new skills and information, so why not turn that quest for knowledge into a fun get together with friends? The group of you could join a local class such as painting, dancing, beading, cooking, wine tasting, and so forth. You could even take turns picking the class, giving everyone a chance to choose something they want to learn more about.

Set Up Your Own Video Game Tournament

Sometimes it’s not about going out, rather it’s staying in and doing something outside the ordinary. This is the perfect activity for gamers, as it feeds right into your passion. Why not set up your own video game tournament, which means you can get a bunch of friends involved? You can even get prizes for the winners to make it feel that much more legit. Just be sure to have plenty of snacks and beverages on hand to last throughout the tournament.  You can also give yourself funny unique names with the help of clan name generator while playing your favorite game with your friends.

Just Scratching the Surface

When it comes to fun and unusual activities to do with friends, this list is just merely scratching the surface. Sometimes, thinking outside the box is truly the best approach.

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