Unusual Pizza Toppings You’d Like to Try


Nothing beats pizza with the classic toppings – the usual tomatoes, cheese, and pepperoni. However, some people can’t help but be a little more adventurous with their pizzas.

We know that pizza is originally Italian, but it has become a big part of American cuisine and culture. Look at the “unadorned” pizza dough – it’s like a blank check. Your freedom extends to the making of your own pizza. There are no rules as to what you want to put in it. Your imagination is the limit! 

But when that imagination is stifled for a while due to lots of choices, this article would like to help you out. Here are some of the unusual but fun pizza toppings ideas and combinations for your next pizza party (just don’t tell it to the Italians!).

1) Mac and cheese pizza

a plate of macaroni and cheese pizza

You love macaroni and cheese, and you love pizza. So why not combine them into one dish? It also means double the cheese servings! Never mind double the carbs.

2) Breakfast pizza

breakfast pizza

Pizza proves to be a versatile and all-around dish. If it can be eaten for lunch, snack, dinner, or as a midnight snack, why can’t it be for breakfast as well? Putting eggs, bacon, and sausages on a pizza is always a good idea!

3) Buffalo chicken pizza

a slice of buffalo chicken pizza

If you’ve had buffalo chicken and pizza together before, why not make them into one dish? It’s pizza with some more heat.

4) White pizza with broccoli and red onions


Suppose you haven’t got any sauce, well, no problem! While we can’t imagine pizza without the sweetness and acidity of the tomatoes, this recipe uses several kinds of cheeses and herbs (fresh herbs are always the best) to brighten the flavor. If you think pizza is bland without tomatoes, try this recipe, and it will change your mind! Add other unusual toppings like broccoli and red onions, as you see in this picture.

5) Pizza with corn and za’atar

Israeli pizza with corn and za’atar

As said again, pizza proves to be versatile. It can be incorporated with different regional flavors. Here at a pizzeria in Israel, this offering is topped with corn and za’atar, a culinary herb (or a mixture of different culinary herbs) popular in the Middle East.

6) Strawberry, kiwi, and bacon pizza

Strawberry, kiwi, and bacon pizza

This combination will really make you scratch your head. But if it works, it works! This pizzeria in Sweden defies pizza convention by adding strawberry, kiwi, and pieces of bacon on the usual tomato-and-cheese base. It is accompanied by bearnaise sauce (seen partly in the upper right corner). 

7) Pizza with roasted pork belly, eggs, and caramelized onions

roasted pork belly pizza with eggs and caramelized onions

This pizza has none of the traditional pizza toppings. The smokiness of the roasted pork belly, the richness of soft-cooked eggs, and the sweetness of caramelized onions make this pizza unique, a bit decadent, and truly delicious!

8) Dessert pizza

Dessert pizza

Why not end a pizza party with another pizza… that is, a dessert pizza? A strawberry pizza with cream and drizzled with caramel, honey, or chocolate sauce will make a great, sweet ending. This is going to be a big pizza game-changer, for sure.

9) “USA flag” pizza with berries

Rada cutlery peeling paring knife, a plate of fruits and fruits pizza

This fruity, rectangular dessert pizza is not only patriotic but also the perfect centerpiece to any Fourth of July dinner. It’s also fun to make and assemble!

10) Apple oatmeal pizza

apple oatmeal pizza

Another breakfast pizza, but on the sweeter side – from the bowl to the pizza dough!

11) Chocolate pizza

chocolate pizza with dark, milk and white chocolate toppings

This ultra-chocolatey pizza will make every chocoholic’s dream come true!

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