Useful tips for keeping things hot in your bedroom


Even romance can become stale after a while, turning the bedroom into a boring place for partners. But this can be avoided if you use a high-quality penis sleeve. Also, the following tips can spice up activities in the bedroom.

Open communication

Intimacy loses its allure when partners are silent about their sexual needs and expectations, their wants and fears, and everything in between.

To keep things hot in the bedroom, you have to be unabashed about what you want from your partner. Talk about how you want to be touched, where and when you want it to be. Communication is a two way street. As you open up on your needs, also listen as your partner opens up on hers. This way mutual understanding is achieved.

Flirt with each other

Partners who are open about their sexual needs are not afraid to lighten the mood in the bedroom up by flirting.

There are many ways to do this:

  • Flirty texts
  • Kissing sensitive places to say goodbye or hello
  • Holding hands when you walk
  • Necking when you sit
  • Casual touching; on hips, thighs, neck, lower back, backside, belly.

These acts can be done everywhere but especially in the bedroom. While your partner is getting dressed or undressing for the night, you can touch casually, helping your partner anticipate lovemaking. Avoiding physical touch and relying on verbal communication can also increase the tension waiting for that eventual touch – so much so that there are even specific kinks related to this. (chastity devices aren’t just a relic of the past but are still used today!)

Doing activities together

One of the best ways to build a bond, create sexual tension between partners is doing things together.  You should both do chores together around the house like cleaning, cooking. You can especially set about cleaning and arranging the bedroom together, talking as you do about everything and anything. As you work together, touch each other casually.

Some couples think it’s cool for them to sit in front of the TV while their partner works alone. If you want to heat things up in the bedroom, you must do stuff together.

It is also an opportunity to create memories together. Go on vacation, picnics, hiking, make pottery, enroll and learn a new skill together. You’d be surprised how hot your romance will be in the bedroom as a result.

Be spontaneous about lovemaking

Some are of the opinion that partners should have something like a timetable for sex. Well, what this means is, couples always look forward to the time set for sex. But after some time, it becomes mechanical, stale. Sex loses its mystery and depth.

Instead of restricting sex to a time and place, it is better to open up your mind to the possibility of it happening anywhere. Even if you would ordinarily not take all the advantages presented to you.  When it comes to the bedroom, having too many rules of engagement stifles the fun. Of course, it is okay to have a set time in the day or week when you and your partner focus on each other’s bodies. However, being flexible about the sex and love, not knowing all the things to expect ignites and excites partners.

Keep some clothes on

You’d be surprised what having some clothes on in the bedroom and in the home can do to your bedroom life. Some couples go ahead and strip it all, soon, you get so used to seeing each other naked and lose the magic.

Researchers into the subject suggest leaving something on—a pair of high heels, a necklace of pearls, some lingerie. A man can do the opposite of what his partner is used to: instead of stripping naked, just unzip and get to work.

It’s your bedroom yes, but you don’t have to be the same way all the time you make love. You don’t have to always be naked, and you certainly don’t have to always make love on the bed.

Following these tips is sure to rekindle the fire in your bedroom and keep things hot.


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